Rizla Suzuki star John Reynolds has announced that his New Year's resolution is to win the British Superbike Championship for the third time - and he's already started a strict training regime to help achieve his goal.

JR, who won the Championship in 1992 and 2001, has already bought himself a new running machine which he will use alongside regular trips to his local gym. The 38-year-old puts physical fitness as one of the most important areas that he can work on for racing, and trains for aerobic fitness rather than brute strength.

"I'll be training regularly now, at least three times a week in the gym," explained Reynolds. "On top of that I'll be doing quite a lot of motocross and that will help to keep me fit as well.

"Fitness is vital for racing a Superbike," he continued. "If you are physically fit you can maintain your concentration for longer and control the bike from the first lap to the very last.

"If you are unfit, towards the end of the first race you'll be tired and it's easy to miss apexes and lose time. By the second race you will be very tired and your results will suffer. Riding a Superbike as hard as we do for as long as we do, twice a day, takes a high level of fitness, no doubt," Reynolds added.

As well as looking forward to the new racing season, the Nottingham-based rider is also aiming to get his fixed wing license to fly aircraft. JR already has a license to fly a helicopter.

"I'm already flying solo and have more than 10-hours under my belt, but I need another 35-40 hours before I get my license," said John. "Luckily I don't have to take many exams as I did most of them when I got my helicopter license."



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