Jentin Racing is confident of delivering a title-challenging Yamaha R1 for James Ellison in this season's British Superbike season opener at Silverstone, having stepped up to the main event after several successful seasons in the Superstock class.

The team's efforts will be greatly enhanced by the exceptional pedigree of its rider who, in the last four seasons of racing on the world stage, has won no less than three titles - the World Endurance Championship in 2003 and back-to-back European Superstock titles in 2000-01.

Team manager Bernard Toleman reported that the late arrival of their Yamaha's had proven to be a challenge, but claimed that the team was pulling out all the stops to ensure it is a competitive prospect on the weekend.

"With the bikes arriving in early February, we knew it was going to be a race against time to have everything ready for this weekend. Everyone associated with the team has worked tirelessly to make it happen and we are confident of mounting a competitive campaign."

Jentin Racing are hoping for a top three showing in the Superbike Cup in the early stages of the season," he said, "However, as the 2004 Yamaha R1 is further developed and James settles back into racing in the UK, he will be looking to take on some of the main Superbike Championship competitors.

"The team have been toiling around the clock readying the bike for Silverstone, and it's all starting to come together. It was good to put some more miles on the clock and do some tyre testing at the circuit last week. I am really looking forward to this weekend."



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