In the first race from Oulton Park rain stopped play on the eleventh lap with John Reynolds over six seconds ahead of second placed Michael Rutter.

Steve Plater got an excellent start to lead the pack into the first corner with Reynolds in second place. Reynolds soon took the lead on the first lap relegating Plater to second ahead of his team mate Gary Mason. Michael Rutter stood in fourth place on the opening lap.

Once Reynolds took the lead he wasted no time in building a lead, Rutter pulled out all the stops in order to chase down the Suzuki rider and the championship.

Rutter made it up to second by the end of the third lap but was unable to reduce Reynolds three second lead.

Reynolds then continued to extend his lead over the field and by the race stoppage due to rain on the 11th lap he had a six second buffer.

Reynolds team-mate Yukio Kagayama fought from all the way back in tenth to take third spot by the eighth lap where he went about trying to chase down Rutter's three second lead.

The second part of the race will now consist of the remaining eight laps.

Race one - Part two starting grid top ten
1. Reynolds
2. Rutter
3. Kagayama
4. Emmett
5. Plater
6. Richards
7. Thomas
8. Mason
9. Smart
10. Hill


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