British scene returnee Tom Tunstall has said his biggest regret of 2007 was failing to win a British Superbike Cup race - but he has vowed to make up for it in 2008 by going all-out for title glory.

Indeed, the crown had been the Yorkshireman's stated aim this year, after returning from a number of seasons on the World Supersport stage. He admitted, however, he may have underestimated the size of the task that lay ahead of him during his campaign with Hardinge-Ice Valley Honda, a mistake he promises will not be repeated.

"The goal was certainly to win it," Tunstall acknowledged, speaking to Radio. "I obviously underestimated things a little bit, though, in terms of what I needed to learn and being back in Britain itself. James Buckingham and Tristan Palmer who won the Cup have both got a lot of experience - they've been riding Superbikes for over five years - so to finish third was not disrespectful in the first year, but next year we'll certainly give them something to think about.

"We finished on the podium something like 15 or 17 times, but the occasions that really stood out were the ones when we were really close to winning the race. I unfortunately came away without winning a Cup race - although we were often only a couple of seconds off we never quite got it - and that's what really excites me. Second or third place is pretty good, but it's simple - when you race you want to win."

With his attentions now shifted firmly onto the challenge that lies ahead - that of going two spots better in the 2008 rankings - the 30-year-old is confident of turning negatives into positives and launching a concerted attack on the laurels.

"This year was certainly a learning year," he stressed, "so now what we need to do is put into practice what we've learned. The goal is simple - to win the Cup.

"I've kept my training ticking over, but now I'm picking it up again and pushing that a little bit more. I'm hoping to be out testing before Christmas, but if not it will be straight after.

"At the moment we're busy finalising all the plans - the logistics, team, bikes and everything else - so I can relax a bit over Christmas and enjoy my turkey, but without a doubt [winning the BSB Cup] is the clear focus and what we're planning to do."


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