Hi guys, and welcome to my latest Crash.net column.

As I write this, it's 6 am and I'm about to head off to the gym. I have arranged some final prep sessions with my personal trainer who is showing me some really simple but tough routines. I do these three days a week as well as go for a four mile run on Saturday and Sunday. Then it's off to do my day job!

I feel more prepared for this season than ever before. I am fitter and I've already signed for my drive with Triple Eight, plus I'm looking forward to having a team-mate which always provides extra competition and stimulation whilst providing a benchmark, which was lacking last year.

It's hard to see other drivers off testing while your car is still in build, but I'm remaining positive as the NGTC engine we're going to be using will have more power than last year, though it carries a bit more weight than the previous engine. Still we saw Andrew Jordan win two races with this set-up so all things being equal we should be in for a competitive year.

As I mentioned in the last blog, I was fortunate enough to do the Dubai 24 hours race earlier in the year, which gave me a good six hours track time. Normally at this stage of the season I don't even see the car until after the first round, no testing, no practice, so I'm in a much better place this year.

I am really pleased to have signed again with Triple Eight. Gaz, my engineer, Martin, and Les under the skilful guidance of Ian H, created a fantastic environment last year in difficult circumstances. Having won 20 Championship titles it'll be good to be going forwards again and I really do hope to have a long term relationship with them, already there are good signs for next year, loyalty and consistency mean a lot to me and working in an environment where you trust your team is always worth the odd tenth.

Looking for money and sponsors is a massive task and very time consuming. A nice side is dealing with the charities. As you know I am very much a supporter of the Air Ambulance having lost a very close friend in a tragic road accident, I saw the work they did to try and save his and his passengers lives. Helicopters are something today we take for granted but they are provided by charities, so I will continue to promote and support the Air Ambulance service.

I also had a vey humbling meeting with Lance Haggith, you may have heard of him as he won the unsung hero award for BBC Sports Personality of the Year and runs a charity called Sports Traider. They do some phenomenal work offering under privileged kids equipment and help to get into sport. I'm really proud to be supporting Sports Traider this year and will be doing more with them later in the season.

Whilst working I'll be trying to put race suit designs to bed, do more work on my web site and try and find someone who will print some giveaways ready for the first round!

Hopefully I will see some of you at the BTCC media day and don't forget to follow me on Twitter, I need to get more followers the Tom Chilton! Oh also there is an official test day on the 29th, so this will be the first real benchmark and the first time I will have seen the car outside the factory, we'll see how the new tyres handle and wear.

I'll be posting regular updates on Crash.net throughout the year, ask me any questions about the season via my Twitter @jamesnashracing and I'll answer them in the next blog, plus I'll be putting my views about the rest of the teams and drivers on my next blog too!
Have a great weekend

James Nash #14



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