One of the more popular figures in the HiQ MSA British Touring Car Championship paddock will return to the grid this season with Dave Pinkney confirmed with Team Dynamics for the 2009 campaign.

The 56-year-old will be the oldest driver on the grid this season but remains confident of taking the fight to his younger rivals during the year ahead...
Dave, you must be thrilled to be back and be in a Dynamics car...

Dave Pinkney:
I'm over the moon. I've known since about last September that it was going to happen but it was all hush-hush at first, but now I'm here with a front-running car and it's awesome.
How did the deal come about?

Dave Pinkney:
Well I've known Steve for a lot of years and raced against Matt in loads of races. I didn't race last year because the Alfa Romeo wasn't competitive as we all know, so I decided to take a year out and it gave me chance to talk to people. Steve invited me up to his office and we decided maybe even as far back as July that I could have a drive in the Dynamics car.
So was the plan always to run with Dynamics or was it initially to get a customer car?

Dave Pinkney:
Not at all. It was a deal where Steve wanted me in his car and wanted to give me something competitive.
You've had some pre-season testing. What have you made of the car so far?

Dave Pinkney:
It's a fabulous car but I didn't race year and some of the tests we've done have been hit by the weather. Its just a case of getting my head together as I can drive the thing quick but I need to get it how I like it. I've done some decent times today but to get that ultimate lap, we need to bang the camber on and then wring its neck. But we weren't doing that today, we were looking at a good race pace.
Now there are a lot of young drivers on this grid...

Dave Pinkney:
...and as the press release detailing the entry reveals, you are getting closer to 60 than you are to 50...

Dave Pinkney:
...well I'm closer to 50 than I am to 40!
...which is very true, but for you, how important is this season? If you were a 20 year old kid getting into this car and you didn't have a great season, you've got time on your side. That's not the case for you and if the season doesn't go to plan, that could conceivably be it for you. Is this a last chance saloon to show what you can do?

Dave Pinkney:
I'm here because I love the sport and I have lived motorsport all my life. I am here to enjoy it but also to be competitive and try and win something, but its about life. I still have the will and I believe I still have the capabilities. When we get the car dialed in and how I like it, I'm hopeful that I'll be up to Gordon's pace, or I hope I will be.
So its not a 'be all and end all' season for you?

Dave Pinkney:
No it isn't. Yes it would be lovely to win some races and that is obviously what I want to do, but it depends what they do with the BMW as we can see with the weight difference that they are quick. We'll see, but if I am competitive and I am enjoying it then I'll still be here next year.
The bickering starts before the season has even got underway...

Dave Pinkney:
The bickering? I think everyone is bickering from what I've heard but you know me; from the hip I'm a Yorkshireman!
In all seriousness, you ran at the front at Thruxton with the Integra a few years ago...

Dave Pinkney:
...I should have won that race easily...
...and there is no reason why you don't see yourself on top of the podium...

Dave Pinkney:
It's crazy but at Thruxton, which I think is the most dangerous circuit in the UK, I think I could win. I am mad but it's getting your head together to do that one outright lap, which I used to be able to do. Perhaps the car isn't as I want it but I don't know if I can wring its neck to put that one lap together. I may be starting sixth or eighth on the grid, but I think I can match the front-runners on race pace.
And how much pink?

Dave Pinkney:
It'll look awesome. It's sad to lose a sponsor like Halfords after six or seven years but the with credit crunch and things they are, they need to be cautious. We have lost the orange but that's fabulous for me because I know have a black car and mine will be black and pink so it'll look awesome; it'll be really striking!



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