TOCA, the organisers of the Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship, have announced that it will reduce the performance of the Team Aon Fords with immediate effect.

With Tom Onslow-Cole and Tom Chilton producing a dominant showing in qualifying at Silverstone - going half a second quicker than anyone else - a series of changes have been implemented ahead of the latest three races of the year.

The changes will see the turbo boost on the LPG-powered Focus reduced to 0.7 bar, while the engine inlet restrictors on the car will also be reduced.

"The regulation amendment will obviously severely hamper our two cars' progress," team boss Mike Earle said. "However, given the disparity between our qualifying performance today and the rest of the field and bearing in mind the fact that we are still on a learning curve with the Calor-powered car, I fully understand TOCA's viewpoint.

"We'll take it on the chin and continue to do the best job we can and, should these new restrictions impede our cars performance as severely as we believe they will, then hopefully TOCA will look at reversing some of their decisions."



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