BTCC legend Alain Menu believes he and his BMR Volkswagen squad are continuing to progress after the Swiss netted his 'first podium on merit' since returning in 2014.

Menu was able to enjoy another seamless weekend of racing at Silverstone and subsequently posted his second podium in two consecutive meetings as a result.

The former double-champion finished third behind the championship battling duo of Jason Plato and Colin Turkington in race two after having already finished a strong fifth in the first race.

Menu also found himself in the hunt for another podium when he and three other former champions caused great excitement in a spectacular battle for the final step on the rostrum but had to settle for another fifth.

The BMR driver admitted that third position could well have been his if he attacked the race in a more aggressive manner, something that Menu stated he is not prepared to do.

"Yes a good weekend. Three very strong races can't complain about any of them. It was good to get the first podium on merit for the team in race two," Menu told

"In race three, if I was driving like some of those guys - more aggressive, then maybe I could have got another podium but that's not the way I drive so overall I can't complain.

"I had Giovanardi and Colin under braking for Copse, so I was on the inside and braking down into fourth gear, but then I could have gotten onto the throttle earlier and really barge Giovanardi off track, which is what the others probably would have done, and he'd have lost another place or two. As it turned out he lost a whole load more thanks to Plato at Becketts.

"I was quite slow out of Copse when Colin had a go and then Plato forgot to brake for Becketts, so then it was interesting exiting that corner yes! I'm sure it made for good TV!"

Finally, Menu believes he's now in better shape to cope with be weighed down by the success ballast after running with the performance penalty during the final race.

"The car was actually a bit better for me in race two, that's when it was best. Race three was the first time I had run with that weight and it did penalise me," Menu continued.

"I struggled with the handling for the first five/six laps, I had far too much understeer even through Copse, much more than I had in race two.

"We did something to the car to help the understeer but then I had more than I did in race two but then balance came to me in the second half of the race. I struggled with that but we learnt something."



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