Nicolas Hamilton, brother of F1 world champion Lewis, says he's proud to line up on this season's BTCC grid but is determined to make a name for himself in his own right onboard an Audi S3.

Hamilton is due to begin his BTCC career later this year from Croft onwards as a guest driver for the AmD Tuning team at the wheel of an Audi S3 previously raced last season in the hands of Robb Holland.

The 22 year old - who has already raced in Renault Clio Cup and European Touring Car Cup - will become the first ever disabled driver to compete in the BTCC. Hamilton lives with the neurological condition Cerebral Palsy and hopes his debut campaign in the championship will inspire others who are also affected with a disability.

"I'm relieved let's say," Hamilton told "Six months ago this was never looking likely. I've been really working hard to make sure I get this opportunity.

"Our whole plan is 'driven to inspire'. It's all about inspiring others and obviously it's not about having a racing car and going racing it's about inspiring everybody - people with disabilities - to do whatever they want in life.

"Hopefully they can use what I do as a platform in which they can work from, that's our main goal."

Although aware of the task that lies ahead of him, Hamilton says he's not putting any pressure on himself as he hopes to methodically feel his way through the championship along with proving any doubters wrong.

Hamilton's last competitive outing in a series was back in 2013 when competing in the European Touring Car Cup aboard a Seat Leon.

"It's a massive opportunity. I'm purposely not doing the first half of the season so we can focus on our program, making sure everything is nice and relaxed," Hamilton continued.

"It's about developing me as a driver, I haven't been in car for a year and a half and I don't have a lot of experience compared to the guys I'll be racing.

"I'm not even thinking about where I qualify for my first race. I haven't even driven the car yet so I just want to be relaxed as possible, not put pressure on it and just enjoy driving the car; see where we end up and how the pace is.

"For me I want to sit in that car and know that I've earned it. I've earned my seat so I don't want to have people thinking I've been given it, I don't believe in that. So today my main goal is to tell people 'look I'm here and I've done it on my own'.

"The whole thing has been me - along with my management - knocking on the teams and sponsors doors. I just want people to understand the journey I've been on and it's not just all about being a Hamilton. It's more about being me."


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