Mat Jackson says he and Motorbase Performance can only race to the regulations set by TOCA after rival teams question the straight line speed of its Ford Focus.

Jackson has refuted claims that the Motorbase Performance car carries an unfair advantage over the rest of the field after more success at Silverstone fuelled further unrest in the paddock.

Jackson and Motorbase - powered by the Mountune developed Ford Ecoboost engine - dominated a significant part of the Silverstone weekend by topping both practice sessions, taking pole position before winning the first race with ease.

It took a puncture during race two to finally derail Jackson's seemingly unstoppable podium charge but a remarkable fightback from 24th to seventh in the final race did nothing to stem the growing frustration from rival teams.

Since returning to the championship after sitting out the first five events, Jackson has scored more points than anyone else in field while Motorbase - with the help of team-mate James Cole - have risen to ninth in the teams' standings.

"I don't write the regulations so I don't know what's classed as legal and what isn't," Jackson said. "They've given us the regulations and that's what we're running to. In terms of being illegal, no we're not because that's what TOCA have issued us.

"It's interesting because you've only got to watch the race and see that the cars in front - like the Honda's - are not easy to keep up with in a straight line. To me, it's pretty obvious that the cars are pretty well matched.

"That's all I can say. The TV footage displays that the Honda and Fords are pretty well matched.

"Our car also goes around the corners pretty well. Overall I think the boys have done a pretty good job of turning out a cracking car."



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