Motorbase Peformance's Mat Jackson admitted he was surprised in being able to pick off both MG's for the lead prior to the first corner before going on to dominate the opening British Touring Car of the day at Donington Park.

Jackson made a magnificent getaway from third position on the grid and successfully managed to force the issue to squeeze his Ford Focus between Triple Eight's Ashley Sutton and Josh Cook and assume a lead he would never relinquish.

Having analysed Sutton and Cook's starts from Brands Hatch, Jackson knew that would be an area he could exploit but even the end result surpassed his expectations.

Jackson did receive minimal damage from his start-line heroics but it wasn't enough to thwart his progress.

"I knew I had to nail the start. Ashley [Sutton] struggled with his start at Brands Hatch and Josh [Cook] also struggled so I knew that wasn't going to be their strong and had to get through," Jackson told

"I kind of banked of getting one, not two! That was it really, the rest was history. It was a bit close and I picked up some damage on the way through but luckily that didn't hurt the car too much."

From there on in, apart from a strong opening couple of laps from the duo of MG's, Jackson was able control the race with pace in hand.

"The MG's were very strong during the first two laps. Josh was all over me but as the race went on we managed to stretch our legs and hold that gap. It was an easy from that point but it could have been interesting from the start," Jackson explained.

"When you're in that position there's no point in screwing everything out of the car, when a couple of tenths is probably all that you're going to gain. It's not tidy and you risk a tyre failure so there's no point in over-pushing."