Subaru Team BMR boss Warren Scott has expressed his disappointment in having to withdraw his quartet of Levorgs from the Thruxton British Touring Car even but says making that decision was the only sensible outcome.

The BMR outfit successfully took part in all of yesterday's Thruxton running - culminating with Colin Turkington qualifying in 13th - but the telemetry revealed that the re-manufactured high pressure fuel was still 'showing signs of fatigue'.

James Cole's fiery exit from the first Donington Park race prompted an immediate re-design of the component but a lack of testing between Donington and Thruxton meant the part was still an unknown.

Scott said the early signs had looked promising but later investigation following qualifying raised alarm bells.

"It's devastating. We obviously had the problem at Donington Park. We sat down and thought how we could resolve the issue but we didn't have time to go testing between then and now. So we had to test the part yesterday," Scott told

"The early signs looked good but late last night the guys could see signs of fatigue from looking at the data. We tried to come up with a solution that would have made us confident going into the races today but we couldn't anything that would give us that confidence.

"I don't know how big the chance of part failing is but when there's any sign of fatigue on the high pressure fuel rail, coupled with what happened to James [Cole] at Donington, we had no choice but to pull the cars on safety grounds.

"We couldn't risk our driver's, fellow competitors or the marshals."

Scott is confident his team are heading in the right direction of solving the costly issue.

"By the time we designed and manufactured the part there wasn't enough time to test. We've already decided what we're going to do. We're hopefully going to have the next part in the next week or so and then we'll be out," the BMR owner explained.

"It'll just be endurance testing. We won't be testing the chassis. It will just be getting as many miles under the car as possible, to make sure this part isn't going to be an issue."



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