WIX Racing's Adam Morgan says avoiding the multitude of mayhem during the opening British Touring Car Championship race at Thruxton was key in securing his second win of the 2016 season.

Morgan became the season's first driver to reach two race victories after pedalling away from a heated chasing pack. The Mercedes A-Class was over three-seconds ahead of Honda's Matt Neal when a puncture for the triple-champion created a messy multi-car pileup.

The race already had its fair share of incidents prior to the red-flag but Morgan - apart from a couple of close skirmishes - managed to keep his nose clean for the majority of the race.

"It all kicked off at turn one, so straight from the off I got myself in the right place at the right time for most of it," said Morgan.

"The thing was, everybody seemed to be conserving the tyres, but so were we. We were really pushing the cars hard and taking loads of time out of them around the back, then I found myself in the lead.

"Matt [Neal] defended really heavily which allowed me to get up the road. From then on it was case of getting regular updates from my Dad of what the gap was, how I should drive and how to keep that gap the same."

Despite the majority of Morgan's race looking to be a picture of serenity, the WIX Racing driver did admit to struggling with an overly worn front left tyre.

The 11-lap encounter produced a number of punctures as track conditions continue to ramp up in hot conditions.

Morgan believes the increased performance - enhanced by the new RML suspension kit - has created more load for the tyres to take.

"The front left was definitely suffering - it's hard work. I feel sorry for Aiden [Moffat] that he didn't make it, but I'll take that P1!" Morgan continued.

"It was difficult for the first couple laps. Matt gave me a tough time getting past him, but then it all about getting the head down and saying, "let's go".

"It's really hot today and, the fact that the RML components definitely work the car harder makes it much more of a tyre management race rather than an out-and-out performance race."



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