Double British Touring Car Champion Jason Plato has set his sights on 'spraying champagne' for the first time this season after qualifying sixth at Oulton Park while his team mate Colin Turkington captured Subaru's maiden pole in the series.

With Oulton Park marking the fourth weekend of the 2016 campaign, the much talked about Subaru Levorg is now finally beginning to display the potential Team BMR had promised.

Just one meeting after BMR's Thruxton calamity, Subaru now has two Levorgs sitting firmly in the top-six with every chance of scoring the Japanese manufacturer's first victory in the BTCC.

It's a stark contrast from where the Subaru outfit found themselves just one meeting ago at Thruxton where the BMR squad were forced to withdraw its fleet of Levorgs thanks a high pressure fuel rail issue.

"Really pleased, it's fantastic," Plato told "It's a monumental occasion for us all. OK, yes, being completely candid, I should be on pole. I'm disappointed I'm not because everyone loves all the glory. But it's fantastic for Warren [Scott] and everyone here. They've worked hard just to get four cars on the grid.

"We've had our troubles. Not less than a few weeks ago we made a bold call to pull the cars and withdraw. We've now got a new inlet manifold, which allows us to utilise boost given and we've been slowly working away with the cars.

Having opted to abandon his prior route of development, Plato hailed FP2 as significant milestone after moving towards a different direction of set up.

"FP2 today was the first time I basically got myself in tune with the car. I've been working on a development cycle with some dampers and knew it wasn't working but had to persevere. We cut the cycle short because we knew it wasn't working - let's go back to basics," Plato continued.

"For me it's a big day because I'm now at one with the car. It feels so much better than its felt all year because we've stopped doing this wild development.

"We should have been on pole today. We're a tenth off but we can win some races tomorrow."

Looking to utilise the advantage his RWD Subaru should have off the line, Plato is confident of moving himself into contention straightaway.

"Absolutely, RWD is inherently better [off the line]. I'm looking forward to making a great start. It's going to be interesting to see how the tyre strategy pans out," the Subaru driver explained.

"I think we're going to have great race pace and not a lot of degradation. I think we can spray some champagne tomorrow.

"The hotter the weather is, the better. Whatever tyre we run we'll have great race pace. My car is beautiful to drive, it's nicely balanced, it's got great traction as a RWD and we'll be kind on our tyres."



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