Silverline Subaru BMR Racing's Jason Plato felt pole position during yesterday's British Touring Car Championship qualifying would have been within his grasp had a fuel surge issue not reared it's head at Croft.

The 94-time race winner ended yesterday's session in fourth despite at times looking on course to threaten his eventual pole sitting team mate Colin Turkington.

Plato later revealed that an issue with his fuel systems collector pot was the cause of his truncated run to the second row on the grid.

The double champion said the problem had been amplified due to the Levorg's ability to generate a higher level of G-Force through the corners.

"Very frustrating because we had the car to challenge Colin [Turkington] for pole position," Plato told "In fact I think I was on course for pole on the lap the engine stopped. I had a big cut on every single lap until the engine actually shut down on.

"That ruined my qualifying, frustrating. The collector pot wasn't working properly. The pot sucks fuel from different parts of the tank. The volume of pot should be enough to fuel the engine and for some reason it's not doing that properly.

"It's happening more to us because it's G-Force related. Our car is performing better than others around the corners so it's affecting us more. The problem is bad for us but we're not the only ones who have been hit by it.

"The fuel tank was actually half full and it's still cutting. We had 24 litres in the car when we suffered from the surge."

Nevertheless, Plato is still 'feeling punchy' ahead of today's three races.

"We're not quite getting the rub of it at the moment. It will come but the nice thing is that I went to bed last night knowing I was good enough for pole position. From that perspective I'm chuffed," Plato continued.

"I've got a great car underneath me. We've just got to get rid of these gremlins. Today's a different day and I'm feeling a bit punchy. I'm going to win some races - I'm here to win!"



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