Silverline Subaru BMR Racing's Colin Turkington and Jason Plato have 'drawn a line' under their race two clash at Croft despite both failing to agree on the incident.

Turkington was leading the second BTCC race at the point of contact having re-passed his team mate Plato two-laps before to reclaim the lead he lost at the start to the 94-time winner.

Looking to avenge his position for the race lead, Plato went for the move at Tower corner. But as the two Subaru Levorg's neared the apex of the right hander, the pair made contact - resulting in WSR's Rob Collard clearing the duo for the win.

The pair went on to complete the podium in second and third [Plato leading Turkington] but missed the opportunity to secure a second consecutive one-two result for Subaru.

"Obviously contact between team mates is a no-no in any form of motorsport," said Turkington. "Jason [Plato] has his view on it and I have mine. We're never going to agree on it so we're just going to set it aside. At least we both survived and I don't think it will happen again.

"It was disappointing to lose the one-two for Subaru but you live and learn. It's all water under the bridge now."

Speaking of the incident Plato said: "Colin [Turkington] left a gap and I went down the gap. At that moment I had no other options, I've loaded the gun and pulled the trigger - I can't stop the bullet.

"It wasn't as if I came in tyres ablaze. It wasn't a desperate move. He left a gap and I went for it but the gap closed.

"I don't blame Colin. I'm not apportioning blame at his door. Colin's take on how team mates should overtake is different to mine. That's why we have this difference in opinion.

"We've drawn a line under it and the new rules of engagement will be what they should always be and that's if your team mate gets on the inside, you concede."



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