Following a probe into driving standards, British Touring Car Championship organiser TOCA has bolstered its regulations by including a new provision for race bans.

Since a dramatic weekend of action at Snetterton, which was marred by a number of on-track incidents, driving standards within the series has been one of the main topics of conversation.

Two of the three Snetterton races had to be shortened due to the severity of the incidents. Hunter Abbott's terrifying race three incident, where his Chevrolet barrel-rolled into a TV tower whilst trying to avoid another start-line incident, proved the final straw over what has been deemed by some to be a simmering issue.

Thankfully everyone, including the cameraman perched on the TV gantry, walked away unscathed from the incidents but TOCA has since released the following amendments to the regulations:

"Any driver who, in the opinion of the BTCC Clerk and the Administrator, has failed to exercise an acceptable standard of driving may be excluded from participation in the next available race or races or Championship meeting."


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