Laser Tools Racing's Aiden Moffat has described the feeling of clinching his first ever British Touring Car Championship victory as 'pretty special' after winning the opening race at Donington Park.

The Mercedes A-Class driver made light work of rising through the leading pack from fourth to first to record his maiden BTCC win by 1.5s ahead of Honda's Matt Neal.

Moffat ended the third lap in second position and rose to the lead just two-laps later after producing a clinical move on race leader Tom Ingram through the Craner Curves.

"It's a special feeling. We knew we had a strong and we knew that we could push forward to try and get a podium. But to get out in front like that, pull a gap and almost dominate the race was pretty special," said Moffat.

"I could have pushed harder. It's a funny thing when you've never won a race and you're leading by that gap. You don't want to fall off. I knew there was four or five laps to go and I was a losing a tenth a lap but I knew that was enough.

"I thought there was no point pushing harder to gain a tenth and throw it off. I knew I was comfortable just doing that and have enough tyre life at the end if I got caught."

Not appearing to seem at all flustered by leading the race, the 20-year old said he knew getting past Ingram's Avensis - which was running 66 kilos of ballast on the option tyre - was a critical stage of the race.

"There was more we could have got out of the car but there was no need for it. It was a great position to be in but race two isn't going to be quite as straight forward now!" Moffat continued.

"I knew Austin was going to come on strong so I knew I had to make that move quick while he was struggling. Ingram had the weight and soft tyre and I knew as soon I got passed him, he could hold up the other guys so I could build that gap.

"I made the extra effort to get the moves done as soon as possible and it paid off."



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