Reigning British Touring Car champion Gordon Shedden admitted he was braced for a BMW 'onslaught' during the final two laps at Snetterton after inheriting the lead from the luckless Andrew Jordan.

The Honda Civic Type-R driver spent the majority of the reverse grid nestled between all three West Surrey Racing BMWs but ended up winning the race after an electrical issue eliminated Jordan from contention.

Even after hitting the front on the penultimate lap of the race, Shedden's time in the lead looked numbered as Rob Collard and Colin Turkington looked set to ramp up the pressure.

However, Shedden was seemingly let off the hook after the two BMWs locked into their own battle for second position behind the Team Dynamics Honda.

"I was waiting for the onslaught but they decided they were going to fight themselves. But obviously they got excited together and helped me out a bit." said Shedden.

"All it takes is to break the tow a little bit and it takes the pressure off. Because Rob [Collard] had been stuck to my boot-lid all race.

"It was one of those races where the cars were strong in different places. We were definitely struggling a bit with tyres in the last four laps. I could see what Jordan was doing. I had a bit of an idea on what to expect and where to expect them to be strong."

Shedden's race three win marked a gargantuan turnaround from where the defending champion found himself in yesterday's qualifying session.

The Team Dynamics driver began the day in 21st but gradually rose back up the order during the day's three races, meaning he will arrive at home round at Knockhill as the championship leader.

"There's no way in the world I thought we were going to win race three, or even be on the podium, given what we had yesterday. Sometimes things turn on its head in touring car and you can never say never," Shedden continued.

"For me the cards fell my way in the third race. When the chances are there to win, you've got to make sure you win, so that was a really important one."