Juan Pablo Montoya admits that reliability could be the key to the Italian Grand Prix after the McLarens showed impressive pace throughout Friday at Monza.

Although they were ultimately beaten by Ricardo Zonta's Toyota in the second session, the three silver machines claimed first, third and fourth fastest times of the day as a whole, leaving reaching the chequered flag on Sunday as perhaps the biggest task ahead.

"Reliability is probably the hardest thing," the Colombian confirmed, "Mine is the second race on the engine, Kimi's is the first so, if somebody's going to break down, probably there's a better chance it's me! But the engine has been quite reliable in testing, so we'll probably be okay.

"We're quick, but the quickest guy in the second session was Zonta. Maybe it could be a good weekend for Toyota, I don't know. We look strong, we look quite consistent. We'll get to the end of the race and see what happens. Always on Friday, the Renaults aren't very competitive, they get competitive tomorrow morning."

Montoya says that it's not a problem to manage a car in special low downforce Monza spec.

"Once you are out there, you've got to adapt yourself to the car, balance it, and, once the car is good to go, you're fine," he explained, "You're still braking at the 100m board and the thing stops!"



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