After two seasons spent trying to impress the partisan crowds at Silverstone during his stint in the GP2 Series, Adam Carroll is able to call Brands Hatch his home for the first time after visiting along with the rest of his DTM rivals for the fourth round of the season.

With each day of the weekend bringing with it equal measures of joy, promise, desperation and disappointment, the Brands Hatch round of the championship was certainly a roller coaster ride of emotions for the Northern Irishman, as his diary exclusively for reveals...


Getting acclimatised again

We have had first practice and after finishing the session with the second fastest time I have to say that it has been a good start. Hopefully we can continue and keep it out front for the rest of the weekend now. I have been up there generally in testing this year and you do get a lot of running here, so it is possible to get the set-ups dialled in well here, but when the conditions change over the weekend and it gets a bit hotter, it makes our life a little more difficult. I am hopeful though that we can continue this pace.

I'm coming to Brands Hatch having had a pretty good season so far. There is not much I can do other than try and match my team-mate or the other Audi drivers and try and generally get the best out of what I have, which I feel I have done.

The 2005 car is a good car and although I am light compared to the other guys, I think at certain parts of the track you don't have the downforce you need. However, I have to admit that in medium to low speed corners where all the mechanical grip is important, I am much better there and I can match the other guys.

Driving a 2005 car is not a problem, although on paper it looks like the slowest compared to the 2007 and 2006 machinery. However, Paul (di Resta) is obviously doing a good job at the moment, even though I suspect he must have all the right bits underneath him and only they know what he has and what he hasn't.

As for me, I just do the best as I can possibly do and that is another thing about DTM, if you are driving a lesser car, you could be driving it well enough to win races, but the car underneath doesn't have what it takes so if you finish sixth, seventh or eighth it doesn't matter. You have win races in GP2 and be with the best teams but being in a 2005 DTM car is different - I just need to be am consistent so that they know what I am able to do. If I finish tenth, it impresses them and since I have been running in the middle of the Audis, I think I can get into a position to score some points.

Of course this is a change from racing in GP2, but the transition has not been a problem. The DTM car is fast and has a lot of grip, although it's heavier and the vision is terrible when you first get in, making you worried about getting it out of the garage let alone driving it on the track!

It does feel a little bit different but you soon realise it is a proper racing car and you soon settle in. They do feel a little bit different, particularly over a race distance. I think it is because it is a long race and the balance can change dramatically and that can be hard to manage in these cars because it changes a lot.

Still, this is definitely a more professional championship. In GP2 you cannot earn a living because they don't pay you and it costs millions instead. There comes a point in your career where you have to make a decision, but you still want to be in a professional championship and since Formula 1 is so difficult to get into, you have to look elsewhere.

You can get into F1 from DTM, but then it comes down to backing again. DTM is a very high profile championship, particularly with the amount of British drivers, and it's big in Germany with great TV coverage, so it does give you a platform to get the money you need to get into Formula 1.

However, it is very difficult to get into Formula 1 and everyone who has got as far as I have wants that to be the goal. I did test for Honda and did nearly 4,000 kilometres for them and I feel I proved myself in that car too and could run a car at the front of Formula 1 in the right circumstances, so yes it would be my main goal but we have to be realistic and take things as they come.

DTM is a very good championship though, it is very professional, the cars are quick, the drivers are good and great manufacturers. The programme is so that you can have a long and successful career here.

I just hope now I can go on and impress the home fans and get some points for the first time..!



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