Organisers of the DTM have confirmed that they will push ahead with plans to introduce a Drag Reduction System and option tyres for the 2013 season.

The announcement comes on the back of a trial during testing in Barcelona last month, where both concepts were tested on-track by drivers for the first time.

Drivers will be allowed to use DRS when they are within two seconds of the car ahead and will be free to use the system at whichever point they wish during the following lap. One usage per lap will be allowed, with the rear wing moving into a flatter position to give an anticipated speed boost of five to seven km/h.

Use of DRS will be named in the opening three laps of a race and also for the final three laps, as well as for three laps following a Safety Car period.

The option tyre is a softer compound Hankook tyre than those currently used and must be used for a stint on race day, with each driver being given a set for use in the races. Alongside the introduction of the new tyre, the pit window rules have been revised to state that stops cannot take place in the first or last three laps of a race - with drivers now free to pit at any other point as they wish for their mandatory tyre changes.

Teams will nominate which tyre they will use for the start of a race following Saturday's qualifying session, which has also undergone tweaks to allow drivers who make it through to the final stage of the session to fit new tyres.

"In the past ten years, I have never felt so well in the DTM as I do now," chairman of the board for series organisers ITR e.V . Hans Werner Aufrecht said. "The new regulations that came into force for 2012 were successful, its goals have been achieved. The title for BMW as a new entrant made this more than clear. Of course, we continue working on reducing costs and to still make the DTM races more exciting.

"Together with the DMSB and the manufacturers, we again have achieved a variety of measures, like the option tyres and DRS. Formula 1 has shown, how well these measures can work. The first tests in the DTM also have proven it."



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