Head of Audi's DTM operations Dieter Gass says the expansion to two races per weekend for the 2015 season will provide fresh challenges to test both drivers and teams.

The Audi boss explained each manufacturer in the championship was heavily involved in the discussions about developing the new format for DTM and feels they've come up with a system which will spark new excitement.

The new season sees the number of races increase from 10 to 18, with two races per weekend. Qualifying has been reduced to one 20 minute shootout to accommodate the Saturday race, which will last 40 minutes without a pit stop. A second race will be held on Sunday and last 60 minutes with one mandatory pit stop.

Gass feels the two races will produce a logistical headache for each team as they will have minimal time to make any repairs on each car after the first race.

"The DTM fans can look forward to a thrilling season and to DTM weekends with high entertainment value," Gass said. "One thing happens right after the other and our teams still have a lot of work to do especially after the first race on Saturday.

"After the first race, there is not much time to prepare the cars for the next day - especially if there are any accidents during the race. This will be a great logistical challenge. We'll have to make even better use of every minute."

On top of the new tests for the teams Gass also believes it will provide a dilemma for the drivers when qualifying on Saturday.

"Qualifying and the grid position are particularly important in the first race because without a pit stop the drivers can only overtake on track," Gass explained. "With 24 cars now and such a short time, conflicts are pre-programmed. Going out on track and not getting into traffic will be crucial.

"I'm already curious to see if anyone will be bold enough to go out only once in order to save a set of tires for the race; the grid position is too important for that. It'll be thrilling for the fans."

Gass is also confident the increased number of races will see the battle for the championship - drivers', teams' and manufacturers' titles - will carry on further and intensify the action in the final rounds. Audi Sport claimed the manufacturers title in 2014 and Gass has eyes on the clean sweep this year after confirming an unchanged driver and team line-up.

The nine-round DTM season commences on the 1-3 May at Hockenheim and finishes at the same venue on the 16-18 October.



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