Bernd Schneider and Timo Scheider are anticipating an 'exciting start' to the third round of the DTM after previewing the revised Eurospeedway Lausitz layout in practice.

With the circuit having been relayed and reconfigured, the new, tighter first corner has prompted discussion in particular, with several drivers predicting some potential clashes, particularly at the start.

Nonetheless, for DTM champion Schneider - who has raced at Lausitz each year since it was first included on the calendar in 2000 -, he claims the corner will offer up some precious overtaking chances on a circuit not renowned for its passing opportunities.

"You can always discuss about reconstructions and differ on them - there will always be issues that can be discussed. But the EuroSpeedway Lausitz was a track with absolutely no possibilities for overtaking. When there is a possibility now, it is at this point, so therefore, the reconstruction definitely is an improvement."

It is a few shared by Abt Audi driver Scheider, who admits he tested out the corner's effectiveness in practice by attempting to out-brake Schneider.

"The new first corner still is the main critical point and triggers a lot of discussion among the drivers. When we were practicing starts, it came like I had feared: Bernd and I were side-by-side and then still both had to brake with maximum force in order to make it through without any damage. When it will be like that in the race, the fans will get to see an exciting start..."


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