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There is just one left race now and I am really looking forward this weekend's Brazilian Grand Prix.

It has been a fantastic season and to go to the last event with everything going down to the wire is awesome.

We have got three contenders - one sits in a Ferrari and two are in McLarens.

It is very good news for everybody involved in Formula 1 to see it end like this, especially after all the politics this season - and lets be honest, there has been far, far too many off-track shenanigans this year.

I have mentioned before that Interlagos will probably suit McLaren a little bit more than Ferrari and I would stick by that. The MP4-22 should cope with the bumps slightly better than the F2007, as it does seem to be a very compliant car.

Having said that though, the Scuderia were very competitive in Brazil last year, so I guess we will have to wait and see to see how things really shape up. Whatever the case, I think it should be very close between those two teams, as it has been all year.

Brazil is a nice place to go for the finale - it is quite a good environment and everybody certainly loves Formula 1 there. Interlagos always has a great atmosphere and the crowd is always very passionate and enthusiastic.

Obviously Felipe Massa will be looking for a home win again and everybody will be supporting him along with his fellow countrymen.

The prime focus though won't be on Felipe, it will be on his team-mate, Kimi Raikkonen and McLaren pair Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton - and one of them will be crowned world champion on Sunday.

Lewis could have had it wrapped up by now if it wasn't for that costly error in China. That shouldn't affect him this weekend though.

He has had plenty of time to sit and think about it and decide where he did go wrong and where he could have made some improvements. There will have been several discussions between him and the team on how they should have run the race in a different way.

But that is done and dusted. It is very much history and that is part and parcel of Lewis' make-up - he 'parks things' and makes sure they don't cloud his thoughts. He will definitely bounce back then and will be very determined.

He still has the advantage - thanks to that four point lead and as such, psychologically he has the upper hand over everybody. He just needs to get the job done.

Maybe there will be an element of caution, but in many respects I believe he will still show the same aggression that he has already displayed at every grand prix this season. Let's be honest his approach has worked to date on the whole, so why change it?

Alonso is of course the big threat to Lewis and it is interesting that he keeps on complaining about a lack of equality. I don't see how he can say something like that personally.

If you look at his performances there have been several times when he has been faster than Lewis in the same car. Whether it is more to do with things outside the car, in terms of what he thinks he should have been getting support wise and so on, well that is another story. But as we speak today I think he has had the same equipment. He has put it to better use sometimes and Lewis has put it to better use on others.

If he feels he should be getting more because he is the current world champion and number one, then you have to go out and try and earn that. There have been several times when he has earned it, but there have also been several times when he has lost out as well.

All-in-all though he still goes to Brazil with great experience and still as world champion. He still has the potential to take a third title. He will dig deep into his experience bank to find what he needs to try and achieve that and that is something Lewis is lacking.

But what Lewis lacks in experience, he makes up for in enthusiasm. We will have to see if Alonso can turn it on.

As for if Alonso will remain with McLaren next year I really don't know the answer to that one - it is very tough to say.

Looking at it from the outside you would say there is no possibility of him staying because there is too much water under the bridge. But stranger things have happened and I have also seen McLaren take people out of the market place in the past so other teams don't have an advantage. That is a possibility.

Kimi is in many ways the 'dark horse' for the title and there are many scenarios whereby the rivalry between Lewis and Alonso could work in his favour.

That could let Kimi and Ferrari take the laurels and that is part of the excitement we have got to look forward to.

Kimi is going to need a lot of support from his team-mate and Massa could play a pivotal role in the outcome of the weekend's result. He could help Kimi and give him a helping hand but then again, he might go for the outright win in front of his home crowd. It is going to be interesting.

I think Ferrari will try and use Felipe tactically but whether that works or if Massa is obliged to do so or wants to do so is something else. Maybe he will have his own agenda. I don't know.

Kimi and Ferrari though are definitely on form and they will be a big threat in the eyes of Lewis, Alonso and McLaren.

As for the other teams, BMW Sauber and Renault will both be right up there.

BMW have been very strong all season long and we should see more of the same from Nick Heidfeld and Robert Kubica.

BMW have done an outstanding job as a team and the car has been very strong - qualifying well and finishing in the top six very consistently.

Mario Theissen will want them to do better next year and be on the podium on a more consistent basis, because at the moment that has eluded them.

Renault has made good progress of late and Heikki Kovalainen especially has been doing well. It will be good to see that continue in Brazil and see them end the season well ahead of 2008, because they have had a bit of a lean year in comparison to the two before.

We may see a bit of a shake-up there for next season and there are lots of rumours floating around with regard to driver changes.

The battle between the top guys those isn't the only thing we should be focusing on as Williams and Red Bull Racing are split by just four points in the constructors' championship.

That fourth spot will be crucial in many ways because it has a huge amount of value attached to it. There are big financial rewards for teams that finish in front of one another.

Red Bull has definitely stepped forward and there seems to be a lot more confidence there. Things really seem to have gelled and David Coulthard and Mark Webber have both been doing well.

Williams have been very strong too course - although of late that has mainly been with Nico Rosberg.

They have a change there now, with Alex Wurz retiring and Kazuki Nakajima coming in. That might take a bit of focus away from the team. It will be interesting to see how that influences things.

It was quite strange that Alex has decided to go, especially with only one race left. But I don't know what his contract said and maybe they all just felt it was in the best interests of all concerned for him step aside. If he did do that, that is very noble of him. He obviously felt that he wasn't able to perform to the best of his abilities and it was time to retire. It takes a lot to do that - hats off to him.

As for the rest, we have to mention Toro Rosso because in the hands of Sebastian Vettel they have been very exciting to watch in the last two events. The 4-6 finish in China was remarkable and it has moved them from bottom in the constructors' to seventh ahead of not only Spyker and Super Aguri, but Honda too.

That will have had a big effect on the team and will be a big boost. I wouldn't be surprised if they are poking there noses in again and scraping for another point or two.

Honda slowly are making some moves to get some improvement out of there package - but we are at the last race now and it definitely hasn't gone according to plan this year.

There have been some big shake-ups in terms of personnel this season there and we will have to wait until next year to see if that has the desired effect. Whatever I don't think they will be that good in terms of performance this weekend.

The other team I suppose I should mention is Toyota and they once again underperformed in Shanghai. This will be Ralf Schumacher's last outing with them and I am eager to see who will replace him in 2008.

So finally I come to my prediction and to sum up, I have got to go for Lewis to win and to pull the title off. He has come a long way in a short period of time and has done an incredible job over this season and to lead the championship for so long.

Then I reckon it will be Alonso and Raikkonen, in second and third respectively, followed by Massa, Kovalainen and Kubica.

Enjoy the race...




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