The Formula One Teams Association has revealed its 'Roadmap for the future of Formula One', which aims to discuss the way forward for the sport.

The statement issued by FOTA detailing its views can be viewed in its entirety by clicking HERE but what follows is reaction from team principals to the document:

Sir Frank Williams (Team Principal, AT&T WilliamsF1):
"The new FOTA group has the best of intentions in representing the teams' best interests, both technically and commercially. FOTA wishes to enjoy an open and productive relationship with both the FIA and FOM."

Dr Mario Theissen (BMW Motorsport Director and Team Principal, BMW Sauber F1 Team):
"The FIA and FOTA are pursuing the same aims - to increase the sporting value of Formula One and to cut the expenditure required to do so. Reducing costs is definitely the way to go. The members of FOTA have made great efforts to this end over recent months and have set out a whole series of measures which will already allow substantial cost savings in 2009. Further savings for the coming years will follow in due course."

Dr Vijay Mallya (Chairman and Team Principal, Force India Formula One Team):
"Formula One is undoubtedly about competition and striving to beat one's opposition. While this is very much the essence of the on-track action, unity and collaboration off-track is crucial. The open spirit of discussion and co-operation to increase both the spectacle and financial viability of Formula One are entirely positive for the sport and its investors - ie, the teams, the sponsors and of course the fans. I fully support the initiatives and hope that between FOTA, the FIA and FOM we can find a balance to safeguard the wonderful sport we have before us now."

Flavio Briatore (Team Principal, ING Renault F1 Team):Chairman, FOTA Commercial Development Working Group
"Through FOTA we have found unity among the teams as we strive to provide a sustainable future for Formula One. From a commercial standpoint, we recognise that while our sport enjoys a remarkable global reach, there is still room to improve its appeal as an investment opportunity. It is clear that we need to strengthen Formula One as a show and through our global audience survey we have given a voice to the consumers of Formula One. The results confirm that we must exploit the potential of new media, while continuing to enhance the TV experience, which remains the most important interface with the public. It is therefore essential to provide our audience with more information and to make the teams and drivers more accessible to ensure that we deliver a product that is always exciting, unpredictable and compelling both on and off the track. I am confident that, working together, and in a constructive spirit with both governing bodies FIA and FOM, FOTA can help build a solid future for the sport in the years ahead."

Tadashi Yamashina (Team Principal, Panasonic Toyota F1):
"FOTA has already achieved a great deal and we can be very satisfied with the progress we have made, but there is a lot of work still ahead of us. It is vitally important not to neglect the soul of grand prix racing. Formula One is the pinnacle of motorsport and our challenge is to retain the DNA of the sport as a technological as well as a human contest, while also delivering value for money for all stakeholders, and this includes the fans. We all embrace the need to cut costs, and the significant savings achieved by FOTA and the FIA at the end of last year are a promising start. FOTA's strength lies in the unity of the teams. This unprecedented joint initiative, which we hope will work in combination with the FIA and FOM, can inspire Formula One to conquer the challenges facing it and the wider world."

Christian Horner (Team Principal, Red Bull Racing):
"Since FOTA was established in the summer of 2008, the organisation has already made strides, in conjunction with the FIA, towards achieving significant cost savings for the 2009 season. Through FOTA's working groups, the teams are acting as a unit for the first time to ensure Formula One improves its appeal to all generations of fans, while continuing to control costs. Red Bull fully supports the work of FOTA."

Stefano Domenicali (Team Principal, Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro):Chairman, FOTA
"United in our intentions and with a common vision for the future of Formula One, while remaining rivals on track: these are the key strengths of FOTA. It is thanks to its creation that we have already achieved significant results in just a few months. Racing is part of Ferrari's DNA and will always be so, which is why we are working very hard, along with all the other teams. We must continue on this track to make our sport more exciting for the fans and more attractive for our current partners and also potential ones, while maintaining close links with the production of road cars."

Franz Tost (Team Principal, Scuderia Toro Rosso):
"FOTA has already achieved a great deal in a short space of time, thanks to unprecedented unanimity amongst the teams. The motto 'united we stand, divided we fall' has been around for many years, but Formula One team owners took a while to take it on board! FOTA should not rest on its laurels, but continue to collaborate as closely as possible with the FIA and FOM to ensure the continued success of Formula One as a sport, as entertainment and as a business."

Martin Whitmarsh (Team Principal, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes):Chairman, FOTA Sporting Working Group
"FOTA has already achieved more than any other assembly of Formula One teams in the history of our sport, and those achievements are both a result of and a testament to the strength of FOTA's unity. On track, Formula One teams remain as competitive as ever; but, off track, in collaboration with the FIA and FOM, motivated by our shared ambition to steer grand prix racing to ever-greater successes, we're now devoting a great deal of time, resource and radical thought to making a concerted effort to enhance the benefits of all Formula One stakeholders - the teams, the manufacturers, the sponsors, the media and above all the fans."

Ross Brawn:Chairman, FOTA Technical Working Group
"FOTA represents a hugely important initiative, all of the Formula One teams working together to combine their strengths to the benefit of all aspects of our sport, Formula One. Never before have I experienced the level of unity and commitment of the teams that has been demonstrated within FOTA under the leadership of Luca di Montezemolo. This is a complementary process to the work of the FIA and FOM and enables the teams to present unified views on how we can take both our sport and the motorsport industry forward. As an ex-rugby player, I was taught to apply the principles of competition on the field and a spirit of co-operation and unity off the field. That is the principle of FOTA."



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