Questions from the floor

Q: (Ian Parkes - The Press Association).
Sebastian and Mark: with the Constructors' title now out of the way, and the Drivers' picture pretty clear. To Sebastian initially, if this is the top three going into the final lap in Abu Dhabi, will you do the honourable thing and allow Mark by for him to win the title? And Mark, would you expect Sebastian to do the honourable thing and allow you by, given the occasionally uneasy relationship you two guys have had this season?

Sebastian Vettel:
I'm not sure if I got all of your question. It's pretty straightforward. In less than a week's time, we unpack the cars - the day after tomorrow actually - and prepare them for Abu Dhabi, try to get ready, first of all. We knew that we were strong last year, we have to see if we are competitive, but I'm confident we will be. With such a strong car under our belt, then we see where we are. We will see where we qualify, up to that point in qualifying we are both historically... we just try to get everything out of the car, then we will see where we are. Operating those cars on the limit, you are never certain of anything happening. The best proof is probably two weeks ago, ten laps to the end, the race was safe, everything was fine and then the engine pops. Things can be out of your hands. So we go there, try to qualify as high up as possible and then race hard and then see where we are. And then obviously in my case it's pretty straightforward. The only thing I can do is try to optimise my result, get everything out of myself, ideally repeat the result we achieved today and then obviously it depends where those two guys are. For sure, you will have to judge according to the situation. I think both of us know how to act. We've had some moments which were probably not representative and which we're not very proud of and we don't want to repeat. So, full stop.

Mark Webber:
To cut a long story short, I think it depends on how it is on the last lap.

Q: (Byron Young - The Daily Mirror).
Mark, could you feel anything with the engine, or was it just information from the team?

Just information mate. Normally they don't ring us up unless there are issues, so the phone rang... it's never nice when they have to ask you to manage something. The safety car helped a bit but then very quickly it was back again the first lap after the safety car. I'm not in the best position to answer all your questions in terms of what it was but it was right on the edge apparently, but we got it home.

Q: (Edd Straw - Autosport).
Mark, given that a win today would have meant that you would have gone to Abu Dhabi knowing that a win would be enough to win the championship, and given that there's a precedent saying that in the title run-in team orders are allowed, should the team have swapped you and Sebastian?

It helps but it's not in the team's philosophy. That's how it is. It was a good drive by Seb today for the win and that's how it is. I think the team's position has always been on the sporting side and that's how it is. Obviously Fernando got some points in Hockenheim, which has happened in the past in Formula One and will happen again in the future. Everyone has different ideas, but that's how it is at the moment, so I will go there and do my best.

Q: (Carlos Miquel - Grand Prix Actual).
Fernando, do you think you didn't do a perfect job this weekend?

Fernando Alonso:
I think I tried to do the best job possible. For sure there are some cars with six or seven seconds' slower pace than us. It was sometimes very close. I remember I nearly touched a Virgin in turn eight one time. In turn three as well, with a Lotus. This is the risk we have to take, sometimes to be a little bit conservative when you lap someone because we know the car difference in terms of the speed but I'm sure they try to do the best job they can.

Q: (Michael Schmidt - Auto, Motor und Sport).
Fernando, given how strong Red Bull is and how strong they were last year, do you feel that your hands are a little bit tied because they have it in their hands to decide who becomes champion if you can just finish third?

I think we have to see how the car performs there. I think here, with a better qualifying yesterday, or a dry qualifying maybe we could have overtaken a Red Bull at the start because we did a very good start and then the race changed from there. We will see if we can be in front of them in Abu Dhabi on Saturday. If not, probably the start will be our next opportunity and then we see. As I said before, if I'm fifth and Sebastian wins, I think Sebastian is World Champion. So it's not so clear for them either, which one can win the race.

Q: (Andrew Benson - BBC Sport).
Sebastian, you gave a long answer to Ian's question but you didn't actually answer the question. As Fernando says, if you win the race, he only needs to be fourth to win the championship. If Mark wins the race, then Fernando would need to be second, so if you're leading going into the last lap of Abu Dhabi with Mark second and Fernando third or fourth, will you let Mark by?

I think you will see then. I went to school, obviously, so I know what I can answer. There was a lot of talk before this race. In the end, the way the race unfolded it was all unnecessary. For me, it's pretty straightforward. I go to Abu Dhabi, try to do my best, we have a strong car, I can rely on that and then we will see. What do you want to hear? I can only tell you in that scenario you are describing, I can only tell you what you think. I think it's clear.

Q: (Byron Young - Daily Mirror).
Was that a yes?

It's one week away. As a kid, I never liked it when my parents teased me for something and didn't answer my question, so now I'm in a good position to tease you, so you will see.

Q: (Ottavio Daviddi - Tuttosport).
Fernando, the two guys beside you seem pretty confident of their chances for the title; and you?

Hundred percent. I just need to finish second. It doesn't matter who wins in Abu Dhabi if I finish second. So the main goal for us is to be on pole on Saturday and to win the race on Sunday. If we cannot do that, because we are not quick enough, we try to be second. With that, the problem is finished.



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