Questions from the floor

Q: (Juha P??talo - Financial Times Deutschland)
This one is for all the title contenders. On Sunday there will be one guy who will be the World Champion and the three others of you will not be. If you are not the one how much of a disappointment will it be?

Lewis Hamilton:
I think it will be less disappointing for me as I am so far back. I think for us we have had an interesting year. Happy to be here still kind of fighting for the championship with a still relatively small chance of winning the championship. We have given it our all this year and that's all we could really hope for. The others guys have generally done a slightly better job and we look forward to next year. I am just happy to be here. It is kind of cool to still be in the mix, just on the edge, like being on the edge of the green.

Sebastian Vettel:
I think it is a little bit similar to Lewis. The target is clear. The speed has been there all season and it hasn't been the easiest season for myself. But we are still in the hunt, so that is good. We try our best. The clear favourites going into this weekend are Mark and Fernando. As I said, similar to Lewis, I try to do my best race and then it depends where those two guys are.

Fernando Alonso:
Obviously, you feel sad if you lose in the last moment. My case, I will not really have anything to be disappointed about in 2010. The last two years I was fighting to be in Q3 most of the times. Ferrari had a tough year in 2009 as well, so this first year of the relationship we are fighting for the world championship in the last race of the championship against two Red Bulls who are dominating by far the season in terms of speed, so overall I think it doesn't matter on Sunday. It will be a great memory of 2010 to have challenged.

Mark Webber:
Yes, similar to the other guys. I think you are going to be disappointed if it doesn't happen initially. But there have still been a lot of positives this year. I don't think my odds were too good at the start of the year to be fighting for the championship. My odds are much shorter now, so I still have a good chance. I will deal with what happens on Sunday night after that.

Q: (Adam Hay-Nicholls - Metro)
Fernando, there have been a number of parallels between your career and Mark's. Mark started at Minardi a year after you, you've had the same manager. I just wondered what your thoughts were on Mark as a competitor.

Fernando Alonso:
Well, I think there's nothing to say. This year he has proved how quick he can be in a competitive car. We both started at Minardi and then I was at Renault; he was very close to driving for them as well during the good years, so he missed that opportunity. Now, after a few years he has the opportunity to drive a competitive car and he's already fighting for World Championships, so I'm happy for him. He shows the potential and the talent when you have a competitive car; when you don't have it, it's obviously difficult but I'm happy for him.

Q: (Livio Oricchio - O Estado de Sao Paulo)
Probably the most common question; if Vettel is leading the race, Webber is in second place, Alonso is third. The race is finishing. What will you do, Vettel?

Sebastian Vettel:
I'm Sebastian, okay? I said last Sunday when I was asked the question and I said that I was going to tease you and if we find ourselves in that situation, you will see what happens on Sunday. Come on, it's only Thursday today, just three more days. We will see.

Q: (Paul Gover - The Herald Sun)
Obviously it's been an up and down year for you, Mark. Would you still describe it as the best year of your life? How do you look back on it now? A troubled year or a great year?

Mark Webber:
Oh, a lot of positives mate. It's human nature always to want more. Of course it would have been nice to close the championship out and be here as World Champion. All of us would love to have done that but at the end of the day, the way the championship has been, I think if there were even two or three races after this one it would still go down to the last race. No-one has ever had a 25 point lead. It's been a very long season for all of us and as the season's gone on, we've achieved so many amazing things, and obviously, personally, for me, to have some very special weekends. I'm fully respectful of the guys I race against and that's what you get out of bed for, to try and beat them. So to have some of the victories that I've had this year, and even some of the second places to be honest, they are not as sweet as the wins, but some of the seconds... I've had some good fights with Seb and they have been rewarding. Quite a few podiums, the team's won the Constructors', we could obviously put the icing on the cake on Sunday which would be nice, but it's been an absolutely incredible year for me personally and obviously for the team. So I don't look on two thousand... if we don't get the championship, for sure, okay, there's going to be a little bit of a small hole there but a lot of great memories still.

Q: (Bob McKenzie - The Daily Express)
Fernando, on Sunday Jenson said you had had a great year, but he hoped that you would win the championship by at least seven points more (than your nearest competitor). What do you feel about that, do you feel also that you should win by seven points more? Do you feel that maybe you should not take advantage of the seven points' cushion that came through Germany?

Fernando Alonso:
I think winning by seven, one or 25 is the least important thing in my mind now.

Q: (Jonathan Legard - BBC Sport)
Mark, all around you are surrounded by four drivers who are younger than you. How do you manage the thought that this may be your best chance, your only chance of the championship? If isn't doesn't come off...?

Mark Webber:
I don't know if it changes your thinking too much to be honest. I'm going to be here again next year. Of course the longer you drive, obviously, the odds are going in one direction. I'm not going to be around forever, I clearly understand that. These guys will have... [sound of dog barking] It's a dog! There's no dogs allowed in the paddock.

It's a hot dog.

Mark Webber:
A hot dog. Yeah. These guys have more opportunities mate, of course. As Fernando alluded to a bit earlier in some of his answers that if you get a car like this when you're 24 or 25 for sure, so you can probably look at it more that way, that obviously I didn't really have a winning car earlier in my career which is the case for lots of people that come into Formula One. I now have that, been very successful at the back part of my career if you like, and hopefully I want to do it on Sunday, of course. If it doesn't happen, I'll obviously have another crack next year. It doesn't change too much of my mentality mate. I know that I've been very fortunate even to have a chance to get to this point. I'm not getting too... not greedy but I know that it was good to have a chance that I've grabbed with both hands if I can.

Q: (Ralf Bach - R&B)
Fernando, under normal circumstances, Sebastian would have won the last three races. I think that's clear to everybody. Do you trust in the Red Bull guys concerning that if we have the same positions as in Brazil, that they will maintain their positions or do you think it's not your turn to take all the risks to beat one of these guys?

Fernando Alonso:
I think there's not anything we can do other than try to finish second or first in the race, that is mathematically our position to win the championship, so it's our goal, from tomorrow Friday to Sunday, our preparation will be to reach that target, being on Saturday on the first row if possible, pole position would be welcome as well, and then in the race, being first and second is our only target. It's true that if we are not first and second, we will see how are the other positions, but it's not our job to believe or not believe.

Q: (Ian Parkes - The Press Association)
Sebastian, you've turned round and said that you're going to tease us, the media, through to Sunday. How about Mark? Are you going to tease him through to Sunday as well? Does he have to wait until Sunday to know what you're going to do? Are you going to have any kind of discussion with him to let him in on your plan?

Sebastian Vettel:
Ask him. Maybe he will tease you too, I don't know. I think it's pretty clear again. I had the same line in Brazil. There are lots of things happening, and more important things happening before we enter this possible stage, whatever the scenario. So I think we have to focus first of all to get the car ready tomorrow, prepare it, have a solid qualifying. Last year was a very tricky session here I remember, so there are lots of things to do, things that we should spend our energy on, more important than... What happens on Sunday, if the situation - to answer your question - if the situation occurs, then I think we know that we're driving for the team, we have had some occasions this year where we got close and it didn't look too good, so I think the main target is not to repeat that and the rest we will see.

Q: (Cedric Voisard - Le Figaro)
Lewis and Fernando, apart from the points, is there any cycle advantage due to the fact that you have already been World Champions?

Fernando Alonso:
I don't think so. I think arriving to this point, with one race to go, in a way we all depend on ourselves to win championships. If we win the race all of us have a strong possibility. I don't think that there's any advantage, experience or whatever. It's true that for the last six years I have fought in the last race for the World Championship in four of them, so this feeling isn't new. As I said, after Singapore, I think I prefer a new front wing in this race than all the experience I've got. I prefer a little bit extra performance than experience.

Lewis Hamilton:
I don't think it's an advantage. I think it's good, obviously, having the experience of having the pressure, right down to the last race and being in for the fight for the World Championship but that doesn't necessarily mean that the others... Sebastian and Mark have been in those positions in lower categories, perhaps, so it's not an experience that they haven't experienced. I don't see that there's a particular advantage but it definitely does help. I feel quite comfortable being here, having had the experience in the past, I can perhaps do my job at a more relaxed mental state than perhaps I had in 2008, 2007.

Q: (Tobias Holtkamp - Bild)
Fernando, would you understand if the two Red Bulls would change their positions in front of you on the last lap on Sunday?

Fernando Alonso:
I don't think I would lose even one second of my energy this weekend thinking of what is going to happen on Sunday afternoon. There is much more to do: Friday and Saturday preparing the weekend in the right way, and as I said, our only picture of the race at the moment is winning it or finishing second. That's the target and I think that's what we're going to achieve this weekend.

Q: (Steve Dawson - ESPN/Star Sports)
Fernando, are you expecting Felipe to get amongst the Red Bull drivers and help you out or are you going to be on your own on Sunday?

Fernando Alonso:
I think that will obviously be great news for us, if the car is competitive as it was on some occasions this year, in Germany for instance, Singapore, Monza, Bahrain. They were circuits where both Ferraris were able to be on the podium and if we are both on the podium, that will be a huge help for me, because we will take a lot of points. For sure, a perfect weekend for Felipe, even winning the race, will absolutely be a present for us.



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