Questions from the floor

Q: (Andrea Cremonesi - La Gazzetta dello Sport),
Fernando, could you explain to us your last lap, because in the first sector you were not very fast and at the end you made a miracle?

Fernando Alonso:
Well, I think at the first attempt in Q3 we had some traffic in the last sector, so when we put on the second set of tyres, I was convinced that the last sector was our best possibility to improve the lap we did before, so first and second sector we saved the tyres a little bit. Obviously we were running with the super soft tyres but they get very hot towards the end of the lap, so taking the lap very calm, even though it was Q3 and the last attempt, you need to remain very calm because the last sector is 40 seconds of the lap, so a lot of time to gain.

Q: (Juha P??talo - Financial Times Deutschland).
Fernando, I think one of the crucial points for you was to have somebody between Sebastian and Mark, and now there are three guys between those two and Mark is two positions behind you. Do you think this was a good step towards the World Championship?

As we said, on Thursday as well, this weekend our main target is to do the best job we can: to give a hundred percent of the potential of the car, the team working all together in the same direction. We know that sometimes we can be on pole or winning the race, sometimes third or fourth or whatever, so we didn't have a clear target for the race, we just tried to do our best. If it was enough or not we will see tomorrow. Obviously all the speculation about Red Bull or whatever was not our job.

Q: (Ian Gordon - News of the World).
Lewis, you said on the radio that Felipe came across you. Was it an accident or do you think he was trying to spoil your lap?

Lewis Hamilton:
I wasn't on a lap. I was just exiting the pits. He was doing the same behind me, but I was informed that someone was on a lap - they're in your blind spot, so what I didn't want to do was get in the way, so as I came out onto turn three, I went onto the very dirty outside area to leave whoever was coming through some clear space and as I came back onto the track, I was going into the corner and I found Felipe round the outside. I don't know what really happened; I'd have to look at it afterwards.

Q: (Marco Evangelisti - Corriere dello Sport).
Fernando what's your plan for the start tomorrow: trying to attack Lewis or keep your mind calm and control the situation?

First of all we need to see how the start goes. Normally after the first ten or twenty meters you understand if you had a good or bad start. If you are that good, you can think of attacking. If you feel that something is going wrong, you try to defend your position, so it will be a reaction or action that we need to take tomorrow after the first ten or twenty meters, but in general I think we will not win the championship in corner one. The only thing we can do is to lose it, so we will see.

Q: (Toni Lopez - La Vanguardia).
Fernando, tomorrow you can win your third championship crown; what does your heart say to you?

I'm confident. I've been confident for the last five months of the championship. Now there's one day to go. We knew this weekend would be difficult, arriving with Red Bull very dominant in the last three or four grands prix. Now we've past Friday, we did some set-up work and some interesting runs with the tyres etc. We've past Saturday with a good qualifying in terms of championship positions. Now there is only one more cross to put: Sunday.

Q: (Carlos Miquel - El Diario).
Fernando, are you worried about the soft tyres tomorrow? Could they be a problem?

I think it's the same for everybody, even better for us, because we did only one timed lap on the tyres. The Red Bulls did three or four. In a way I'm not too worried, but we know that Lewis faced some degradation yesterday with the super soft tyres, when we put the fuel on board, so tomorrow it's something that we need to pay attention to as well, but we are in a similar position to all our opponents, so nothing will really change.

Q: (Niki Takeda - Formula PA).
Fernando, you have been in this position before. How different is it to the other two Saturdays when you won the title?

Every year is different, I think. For sure it depends on the competitiveness of your car, how quick you have been in the last three or four grands prix, how strong you feel in the car and how confident you feel in the car. I think this year is different in a way, because I feel that maybe we are not the fastest normally, especially on Saturday when we struggle a little bit more on one lap pace but we have a very good tyre degradation and a very good race pace normally, so for tomorrow I feel confident. This year I also feel the team supporting me a lot, a very good atmosphere in the Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro all year. I feel very happy in the car, despite what happens tomorrow. As I've said, 2010 is a great, great year for me.

Q: (Michael Schmidt - Auto, Motor und Sport).
Sebastian, why did you have so many concerns about tyre warm-up? Is it due to the nature of the circuit here, is it the set-up?

Sebastian Vettel:
It comes from the circuit. We saw last year that everyone did one run in Q1, one run in Q2, one run in Q3. This year the tyres are a little bit different, probably helping that a little bit and in the evening the temperatures drop, the ambient drops a lot, the circuit temperature is also dropping, not dramatically but obviously there's no sun, no daylight anymore, so it changes a little bit. As I said, I think yesterday we were not as competitive as today and it was much better this evening, tonight, and yeah, I think in the end I could feel it probably as much as all the other cars. The circuit ramped up quite a lot. It was a tough call, but in the end all you need is one lap in qualifying, so we did one run and we committed to that and we still did it, so I think in hindsight we could do it again with the knowledge that we have now, we would decide to go for two runs in Q3, just because it gives you a bit more security, you have one set of tyres each time and you are able to push with a new set for only one lap and not trying to think about the next lap and maybe not pushing a bit too hard in the beginning and so on. I think usually it's easier when it's straightforward - one lap, one lap - but as I said, because of the conditions here and so on, it's probably not as straightforward as other places.

Q: (Marco Degli'Innocenti - La Gazzetta dello Sport).
Sebastian, obviously the discussions of the last days and weeks at this stage seem to have become a little vain or useless. What will you feel if tomorrow you win the race and Red Bull won the Drivers' Championship?

Well, it depends. If I win it, I will be very happy, if I don't, then we will see who else wins it. As I told you, I think there are a lot of things between practice sessions. We were not as happy as today and obviously for me, I'm very happy today with the result. Obviously Mark struggled a lot in Q3. I don't know yet what happened to him, because I think he was fairly close in Q1 and Q2. Again, we see how quickly things can change but I think the most important thing, as I said over the last couple of days, is to keep our head down and focus on us. We try to do what we can and the rest we will see or not.

Q: (Juha P??talo - Financial Times Deutschland).
Sebastian, you are in a position where you rely on the results of others when it comes to the championship. I think you are probably quite relieved, being in the front, but how much will you look at the situation on the track during the race tomorrow?

Well, the main target is to finish the race tomorrow. That would be a good start, and obviously as high up as possible. As you say, it's not dependent on me, so all I can do is maximise our performance. We have to focus on us and then it's up to the others that have to deliver, so we take it step-by-step. It is what it is. We knew that before going to Brazil, before coming here, before starting the race here, the event. As usual, we focus on a good start. I think starts were good and then we see what happens. I told you on Thursday that it looks tight here, tighter than other places probably with Ferrari strong, McLaren very strong. It will be a long race and then after the race there are screens around the track I think there is time enough to see where the others have finished and if there is something to celebrate or not.

Q: (Mat Coch -
The circuit's quite dirty offline, how difficult is that going make racing and overtaking tomorrow?

I don't think it's going to be a problem. It's not that dirty offline to be honest. It's a very smooth circuit. There is some rubber on our side but it's nothing compared to places like Montreal. So I think going offline and braking on the inside at the end of the straight into turn eight shouldn't be a problem for us.

Q: (Ian Gordon - News of the World).
Fernando, returning to a theme, Max Mosley said today that if you win the title by less than seven points you will not deserve it. If you finish third tomorrow and Sebastian's first, you will win it by six points. Will you deserve the title?


Q: (Ian Gordon - News of the World).
Can you say why?

I think that is enough talk about this. All that matters, at this moment, Saturday after qualifying in the final race is that we concentrate now.



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