Questions from the floor:

Q: (Ottavio Daviddi - Tuttosport)
Felipe, did you understand, you, your team and engineer, your main problem in Australia?

Felipe Massa:
Well, we understand many things. For sure, we didn't have the pace we expected in Australia and last week and this week we've been analysing the direction which we should start here. My hope is that we're going to have a different car, a more competitive car, in qualifying, where we saw a big difference compared to Red Bull and in the race as well. It's also true that I was a little bit too aggressive on the set-up and my degradation was a little bit higher than I expected, so that is also another point to think about for this track where we see very high temperatures as well, so we need to change the direction on set-up a little bit, just for the tyres as well.

Q: (Paolo Ianieri - La Gazzetta dello Sport)
Felipe, coming back to what you said about the DRS and the KERS, considering the long straights here, are you going to use the KERS in a different way than if there was no DRS?

Felipe Massa:
For sure, in qualifying you always try to use the KERS in the places where you gain the most time. In the race, it's a little bit different, because if you are fighting with somebody else you try to use the KERS in places where it's easier to lose position. So you are always changing the places where you use the KERS, even looking how close another car is to you, and if you are behind, you try to use KERS in places where you have more chances to overtake, so for sure in the race you change many times.

Q: (Sarah Holt - BBC Sport)
Hallo. Jenson, what are your expectations this weekend in terms of where McLaren might fall in the pecking order? Is it likely to be a bit different to what we saw in Australia? What are you thinking?

Jenson Button:
It's very difficult to say. We don't know what other people have been doing over the last two weeks; what they are bringing to this race. But already in Australia, I think we should be happy with the performance that we had, compared to what we had in testing - we're going to keep saying it! And it was the first step really with the package that we had. We have some upgrades here to sort of fine tune the package that we have, which will give us more lap time and hopefully better consistency - but whether it's enough to challenge the Red Bulls, I don't know. There's a lot more that will come into play here, I think, in terms of the tyres. I think it will be a very different race to what we saw in Melbourne.

Q: (Julien Febreau -L'Equipe)
For all of you: what is your opinion about the Red Bull front wing and are you working on a system which can comply with the FIA controls and which can work close to the ground at high speed?

Jenson Button:
Wow. I don't know the full details of the issues. I know a few people that I have spoken to say it flexes more than what they expect is correct but I haven't really spent much time looking at it so I don't know.

Nico Rosberg:
I have nothing interesting to say, unfortunately.

Sebastien Buemi:
Not much to say. I think we need to leave it down to the technical guys. Obviously, if it makes it faster everybody is going to try to reproduce it.

Jarno Trulli:
No, nothing to say.

Felipe Massa:

Q: (Andrea Cremonesi - La Gazzetta dello Sport)
Felipe, during the winter testing you were very confident with the Pirelli tyres. After the first Grand Prix, do you have the same level of confidence?

Felipe Massa:
Yes, sure, confident that we can have a better weekend. The first race was not great for us, we didn't have the result we expected but I don't think it was just due to the tyres. I think we expected better speed but anyway, I'm confident that we can get everything together here.

Q: (Fulvio Solms - Corriere dello Sport)
Question for Felipe firstly, then Jenson and Nico: Red Bull is going to user KERS for the first time really here. Are you terrified, are you simply afraid of it, are they going to kill the championship?

Felipe Massa:
I think that's a little bit early to kill the championship, no? Anyway, it's always difficult to speak about a different car. For sure, in our car, if you don't use KERS, you lose a little bit of lap time, so maybe it's the same for Red Bull, so maybe they will improve even more, but it's very difficult really to express how much they will improve or not because you don't have a clear picture of the Red Bull car. But anyway, in my opinion, if you use KERS, it can be better.

Jenson Button:
We lose more than a little bit of time if we don't use the KERS. I think we have a very good system - well, both of us have a very good system (looking at NR) - and I don't know what Red Bull's system is like. Everybody has a different system in Formula One, a different KERS hybrid system so maybe it gives them a lot of time, maybe it doesn't, I don't know. I don't know what the benefits are for them. And then there's always reliability, isn't there, with a new system? I'm sure that's one of the reasons why they didn't use it in Melbourne and if they use it here, it's obviously a very new system so there's always reliability issues, so I'm sure they're weighing up whether it's worth it or not.

Nico Rosberg:
Well, for us, we don't even really know at the moment where we are compared to other teams, so we're going to concentrate on getting the best out of what we have and then we can start to think about where other teams are and what they're doing.

Q: (Alex Popov - RTR)
Felipe, there's a lot of talk about hot and humid conditions. I know Jenson and Nico do a lot of triathlons to train, Jarno does a lot of biking, but you're a Paulista, no, from Sao Paulo? It helps?

Felipe Massa:
Yeah. For sure Sao Paulo is not really, really very, very hot compared to other places in Brazil. For sure, it's more humid in the north of Brazil, like Mana?s, for example, is like here, but in Sao Paulo, even during the race weekend, sometimes it's even cold. But anyway, it's a hot country so I prefer the hot conditions compared to cold conditions because I prefer hot places. But anyway, I need to train, you need to train very hard for this race because it's very humid, so you lose a lot of liquid during the race and you need to train, so I was training.

Q: (Sarah Holt - BBC Sport)
Jenson, I want you to clarify again why you think it's going to be a different race to what it was in Melbourne? Do you feel it's because we're entering so many more 'knowns' here in terms of now we're at a proper race track and the tyres?

Jenson Button:
How dare you say that about Melbourne!? It's a lot hotter. It's a very tough circuit for the cars, for the drivers but especially for the four things that are touching the road, the tyres. I think we are going to see a very different race, mostly because of the tyres in the hot temperatures. I think there will possibly be more degradation. I think we're all surprised at how consistent the tyres were at the first race. I don't think that was the initial idea with the Pirelli tyres, to be so consistent. We saw a one stop from [Sergio] P?rez, which was obviously the highlight of the race for a lot of people and how he was able to be so consistent, but I don't think it's going to be the same here. I think it will be very different, it's a lot more demanding and a lot tougher on the tyres. It brings another element into it which is good, I think.



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