Questions from the floor

Q: (Frederic Ferret - l'Equipe)
Nico, you're the first of the rest of the world behind the Red Bulls. Do you think you have the car to beat them tomorrow?

Nico Rosberg:
For sure they're quicker at the moment, also in the race so just take it as it comes and I think strategy-wise we are very strong. Another positive is that I have a new [set of] option left for tomorrow because I didn't use it in Q3, so that's going to help me a lot in the race, for sure, so I'm confident that we can have a really good race. How good it's going to be we shall have to wait and see.

Q: (Heikki Kulta - Turun Sanomat)
Sebastian, you now have five successive poles; do you feel that you can beat Senna's record of eight successive poles?

Sebastian Vettel:
I think Ayrton was a master in qualifying. I don't know. I go race by race, you know. In the end, there are so many good guys and so many incredible records. I think the more you start talking about [them], the smaller your chances become, so I prefer to not to talk about it.

Q: (Andrea Cremonesi - La Gazzetta dello Sport)
Sorry that my question is not one of the nicest for the two Red Bull guys but of course everybody is thinking now that you are on the first row and last year we saw some funny things between you; could you give us your thoughts now about tomorrow?

Mark Webber:
I think last year when I was in this room there was a different atmosphere, for sure. It wasn't the ideal race. There was a bit of momentum coming into that grand prix, obviously, a few different stories here and there so in the end there was contact, we had a crash. This happens in motor racing, very rarely between team-mates but it happened. I think it's a bit more straightforward these days. The racing is still intensive but the DRS and things like that make it a bit less intense in some ways. You can only do so much. I think we both learned a lot from last year, not just in that situation but in some other situations. At certain stages tomorrow, of course, if we're racing each other and we don't know, sitting here, how the race is going to unfold but there might be times when we're close to each other, and of course, we're not going to repeat what we did last year. Wisdom helps you, DRS also, and things like that. It's changed the racing a little bit, to be honest.

Q: (Joris Fioriti - AFP)
Mark, you're four tenths behind Sebastian on your best lap, so was it a good lap?

Mark Webber:
Perfect. Couldn't go any quicker.

Q: (Joris Fioriti - AFP)
So what can you do to beat Sebastian in qualifying ?

Mark Webber:
I think they took me seriously. The Germans did especially. I think Seb's done a great job, he does a good lap in qualifying, most of the time, we're seeing in Q3 that he's done some phenomenal laps over the years and the bar is very high, clearly. Yes, maybe he didn't do a perfect lap. All of us can find a bit of time here and there but the race is tomorrow.

Q: (Ted Kravitz - BBC Sport)
For Mark and Sebastian, can you just expand on the decision not to go out for a final run. Was it discussed in the briefing before qualifying what did each of you think when you were watching the final guys setting their times?

Sebastian Vettel:
We made the decision on Thursday. What do you expect? Of course we talk about it before qualifying. We talk about what can happen and so on, but you never know. You go into qualifying, you don't know before, especially this morning, how quick the others will be, how much fuel they had on board, you know what you do yourself but surely we have seen in the last race and other races that this year the racing has changed and it's important to handle your tyre situation. Obviously for both of us, after the first run, we had the feeling Okay, we might be safe - might be - but you never know. You play that game until that day arrives when maybe you are wrong, and other people prove you wrong. In the end, you never know. If it works you are the hero, if it doesn't, then you are not.

Mark Webber:
But also, I don't know what the big deal is to be honest because it's not the first time that I've seen it this year. Nico did one run, we did one run, Heidfeld, Melbourne, I don't know, there's a few guys who have done one run, so it's not, as I said before, it's not rocket science what we did today, just did one run.

Q: (Livio Oricchio - O Estado do Sao Paulo)
Nico, is the change of the exhaust system the main reason for the step forward?

Nico Rosberg:
To be honest, we haven't changed that much on the car in the last few races. We're just getting the most out of what we had, because we just went a bit wrong at the beginning of the season, and a lot of things are just coming together and making it work. That's why I'm also looking forward to what's going to come now, once we get some more upgrades and everything is looking more and more positive. There's not one reason, it's just a lot of things coming together where we weren't working the car well, and now getting the most out of it. One area is even mechanical, very simple things where we went in the wrong direction so we moved back in another direction with the springs and bars. For example, even that area definitely gave us a chunk of lap time. Confused ourselves a little bit.

Q: (Ralf Bach - Sport Bild)
Nico, do you know what problems your team-mate had this time?

Nico Rosberg:
I don't know. I don't know what my team-mate did.



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