Testing Facts:

o The teams are allocated 100 sets of tyres per car per year for testing purposes. After an initial contact with the 2013 range for the first time in Jerez, they again concentrated on expanding their knowledge of the new tyre characteristics this year, and how they interact with the new cars: all of which were present for the first time in Barcelona.

o Ambient and track temperatures were cool: generally between 10 to 15 degrees centigrade ambient, which was on the whole cooler than the previous Jerez test. This led to some graining, which occurs when a tyre slides if it is not up to temperature, with the friction against the track surface tearing off strips of rubber.

o With most of the initial work on new cars already completed in Jerez, the teams were able to also focus on longer runs and race simulations with varying fuel loads. Between two and three pit stops are expected at the first grand prix in Australia: some of the teams that carried out race simulations stopped the equivalent of four times in Barcelona, demonstrating that the ideal target should be met in the more typical conditions of Melbourne.

o The time difference between the slick compounds was in the region of 0.5s per lap, but the unusual weather conditions in Barcelona meant that this was not entirely conclusive.

o The teams sampled the Cinturato Green intermediate and the Cinturato Blue full wet tyre for the first time on Friday. The wet-weather tyres have a new rear construction this year, which improves traction at the rear in particular and reduces snap oversteer.

o The fastest overall time of the test set by Fernando Alonso on day three (1m21.875s) comfortably beat the fastest time during testing last year at Barcelona: 1m22.030s (set by Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus).

o Barcelona is an extremely technical circuit that tests most aspects of a car's overall performance. The most stressed tyres at the Circuit de Catalunya are those on the left.

Testing numbers:

Total number of sets brought to Barcelona: 385 sets which equals 1628 tyres
- of which supersoft tyres: 24 sets
- of which soft tyres: 87 sets
- of which medium tyres: 132 sets
- of which hard tyres: 97 sets
- of which intermediate tyres: 40 sets
- of which wet tyres: 27 sets

Total amount of sets used: 303
- of which supersoft tyres: 5 sets
- of which soft tyres: 53 sets
- of which medium tyres: 127 sets
- of which hard tyres: 84 sets
- of which intermediate tyres: 24 sets
- of which wet tyres: 10 sets

Longest run:
- 24 laps on the hard compound
- 36 laps of the medium compound
- 31 laps on the soft compound
- 16 laps on the supersoft compound
- 29 laps on the intermediate compound
- 22 laps on the wet compound

Highest / lowest ambient temperature over four days: 20 ?C (Day 2) / 7 ?C (Day 4)

Highest / lowest track temperature over four days: 26 ?C (Day 2) / 6 ?C (Day 4)



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