It's the end of 2013, and we're biding a final fond farewell to the most recent F1 season with a recap of the year courtesy of none other than four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel.

In this quiz, we get Vettel to sum up all 19 of this year's Grand Prix events in his own words. All you have to do is decide which quote applies to which race. Simple, right? All of Vettel's words here come from Red Bull Racing's post-race summary of the Grand Prix at the time. That means you'll have read them here in and other online motor sports sources over the course of the year. But can you remember which one is which without going back through the archives to check?

Some are more obvious than others. While we've had to trim the quotes down a bit for space, and have obviously edited out the most obvious giveaway parts such as where he names the race, we've done our best to ensure that the quiz is fair and that there are enough clues left in for you to work with. Not that this means it's very easy! Even looking up stuff in Google and Wikipedia won't be all that much help to you on this occasion, so unless you want to trawl back through all the stories of 2013 the best way is just to plunge in and see how much you can recall or work out by yourself.

Here's one helpful hint: each Grand Prix appears once and only once in this quiz. If you find yourself giving the same answer to two different quotes then some thing has gone awry. That means that once you're certain that a quote applies to a specific race, you can count that GP out of the multiple choice options from then on.

Ready to start? Then simply CLICK HERE to take the quiz. We hope you end the year in style with top marks - don't forget to let us know how you did by posting your score or feedback in the comments section. Otherwise, good luck - and a happy new year with best wishes for another exciting season of F1 action in 2014, from all of us here at



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