Following the latest Formula 1 Strategy Group meeting in Paris, the latest twist in the sport's push for cockpit protection saw the much-trialled 'Halo' finally be shelved.

After dividing opinion both inside and outside of the paddock, the Halo's cumbersome look proved fatal to its chances of becoming a permanent addition to F1 cars from 2018, when some kind of frontal protection is set to be introduced.

The new front-runner is the 'Shield', which is something of a middle ground between the Halo and the 'Aeroscreen' that Red Bull tested last year. Drivers were given a presentation about it during their briefing in China, and tests are planned later this season.

Jolyon Palmer says there is not as much of a consensus as other drivers seem to think, so what do drivers think about the Shield?

Here are the camps that they are currently in after facing questions on Thursday in Russia.


Felipe Massa
"The most important thing is the safety, so improving the safety is what we are pushing for in Formula 1. If you ask me whether I prefer the Halo or the Shield, the Shield looks nicer, it looks beautiful on the car, but it's a bit worse for the safety. For me the safety is the most important thing, so maybe I would say the Halo has more safety but it's important to improve safety anyway. I'm in favor of improving safety, so the Shield is better than maybe how the car is now."

Lance Stroll
"I am a big supporter of safety and making the sport as safe as possible and that is what the FIA wants as well. I am definitely on board with that but at the same time F1 is F1 and you need to balance out the safety whilst keeping the sport traditional. I think we should see our heads and keep it F1 but I also fully support the sport being as safe as possible, we will see what happens. I am on board if it works and everyone is happy."


Valtteri Bottas
"I don't mind the Shield. I think it looks quite OK. I think it's definitely a good step compared to the Halo. That's my personal view, how it looks, so I don't mind that. I think the safety aspect is always important. It's always important to keep things improving, developing safety always needs to be improved. So I wouldn't mind trying out the Shield, seeing how is the visibility and if there are any other issues with that. But I think in terms of safety it would be a good step compared to what we have now."

Kimi Raikkonen
"I have seen a bit of the shield, of what they showed to us. Until we try, it's very hard to say how it is. Is it better than the halo? I don't know. Look-wise, I don't think there's much difference between either of them."

Daniel Ricciardo
"We've still got to see a bit more but first impressions seem OK and I guess we'll now try and get some development on that and then start to run it in some practices as soon as they can put it on the cars and then get some more feedback on it. It's good that they're still obviously looking for this head protection stuff so that's positive."

Lewis Hamilton
"The halo did not look great but it was an improvement but not the best improvement and I quite like the new design, the shield, I think it is pretty cool. It is definitely better than all the options that have come to light so far. Whether or not they can make it work we shall see."

Sergio Perez
"Well I think also it's something that we've got to try at some point, probably this year if not before they introduce it. I haven't tried it. I tried the Halo. I think now that they're going to introduce this new system, it will be interesting to see what it does. It looks better, but it's also safe. It's probably not at the level of Halo in terms of safety, but there's a lot of improvement that the FIA thinks can be done. It's a matter of how much progress they can manage and development they can do."

Nico Hulkenberg
"I'm not sure. It's down to the FIA. I still want something else."

Esteban Ocon
"I preferred that prototype [aeroscreen] back in 2016. If we can get enough protection as the Halo, I completely approve it. If you have a heated screen, like they have in the road cars, a heat resistance inside the screen that you don't see when it's dry, it could be fine. They have this in fighter jets so I don't see why we can't have it."


Romain Grosjean
"Can we choose nothing? I haven't been a big fan of the Halo and I'm not a huge fan of the Shield either. I don't want to stop the safety. I think safety in Formula 1 has to be the number one priority but I don't want to change what I've known as Formula 1 since ever and the next step is to put a closed canopy on top of the helmet and I don't want to see Formula 1 being closed cars."

Daniil Kvyat
"I agree with Romain, you know, I think it's enough for now. The way Formula 1 should look should remain the same. I think we have enough protection so far. Of course if there are good ideas they should be considered but so far I am quite against it to be honest, both of those options."

Jolyon Palmer
"I am pleased the Halo is not coming but I don't want the Shield either to be honest. My views havenm't changed, I think F1 is safe enough as it is. Honestly, I think drivers woouldn't be racing in it if they were worried for their own safety, so everyone is still racing, Fernando is going to race Indy 500 which is way more dangerous than this, so that shows where he is with it! I think it is unnecessary."

Max Verstappen
"They should leave it like it is. Formula 1 is open cockpit racing. And there are always risks in every sport, it's always part of it. Of course there are some very unlucky accidents that happened in the past but you cannot control it and the shield will not make a difference in that as well. You know when the tyre lands, the shield will not protect you."

Marcus Ericsson
"No I think we should go with the Halo because it is keeping it open wheeler still and you can see the drivers working. OK, it is not the prettiest thing but give it a bit of time and it will look alright. The main thing is that it is still going to be an open cockpit, which I like and think is good for F1. So I still feel that it is the best option."

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