Drivers: Kimi Raikkonen (McLaren), Mark Webber (Williams), Fernando Alonso (Renault)

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Kimi, from where you went out yesterday, very early on Saturday afternoon, you must be delighted now to be on pole?

Kimi Raikkonen:
I am happy now after qualifying yesterday I wasn't too happy with myself because I made a mistake but I knew that if I could keep it on the road it should be pretty okay because the difference between first and third yesterday was so small. I am happy for the team and for myself. It is the best place to start the race and hopefully we can have a good race.

Well it is still incredibly close of course but in your mind I guess is the question of reliability now and you need to finish this race hopefully and obviously take advantage of your pole?

Yes we just need to have a good start I think and after that they should be sorted but you never know what happens in a race so I think we have a good race car and hopefully we are going to have a good race.

Conditions today? It looks beautiful out there....

Yes, the circuit was good and I would say it is as good as yesterday. So, no problems at all. The car felt pretty much the same as yesterday, maybe just a little bit more loose, but it is quite normal with more fuel.

Mark, from where you were on Friday, not running at all and waiting for that new engine from BMW, to be on the front row now for the Spanish Grand Prix is amazing?

Mark Webber:
Yes it is an amazing turnaround. BMW did an awesome job to the get the engine here in time and of course all the stuff from Grove as well on the limit and the guys are pushing very hard to get a lot of new parts here so all in all it's a huge weekend for the team and we are very happy to be on the front row. A good lap this morning I was happy with it and yesterday's lap laid the foundations. The race to go now and I am looking forward to it.

Where do you feel you are in terms of a race pace, balance and grip level?

Well, clearly the Renaults and the McLarens are strong. They've shown that in the last four races, but we are coming back I believe and I hope we can give them a good run.
Fernando, P3 not a bad place to be. You are on the clean side of the road there and that sea of blue in which you went out this morning, what an amazing feeling for you?

Fernando Alonso:
Yes, again fantastic. Feeling the atmosphere in the track and I feel very, very happy with this third place. It is not the front row, but you know this is the clean part of the circuit for the start and hopefully we have a better start than the last races and we can take over the advantage we had last year, we will see today and after that I think we have a good pace in the long runs and our strongest point probably is the race and to start in the top three is a good position from which to aim at a podium finish again.

How was the lap this morning?

It was really good, better than yesterday. I saw the times now and I am very close to Mark and unfortunately I am not in the front row, but the lap was very good I think we believe in our strategy, thinking more for the race and I am extremely happy and confident for this afternoon.



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