Team personnel: Stefano Domenicali (Ferrari), Norbert Haug (McLaren Mercedes), Aguri Suzuki (Super Aguri), Frank Williams (Williams)

Questions from the floor:

Q: (Dan Knutson - National Speed Sport News)
Stefano, could you tell us a little bit about what Michael Schumacher is contributing and doing within the team right now?

Stefano Domenicali:
Michael is part of our team. You have seen sometimes that he is at the races but that is not the main role and the main activity that he has. He's working with us and mainly with us and with our engineers in order to give his advice, his contribution to the way that he knows how to work around the car. This is something connected to F1 but he has also an important role on the other side of the factory on the road cars. His experience is very important in tuning up the cars for our customers.

Q: (Dan Knutson)
Aguri, one reason you have done well this year is that you have a car based on a race-winning car from last year. Are you worried in 2008 that you might have to run a 2007 Honda that's uncompetitive?

Aguri Suzuki:
I don't think so. This car is our car, it is not a problem. It is not decided what brand of engine we will have next year because the regulations are not decided. So anyway, we try to make next year also our car. Okay?

Q: (Simon Lewis - The Press Association)
For Sir Frank. You described Lewis Hamilton as a phenomenon and unlike any driver you had seen before. Could you elaborate on that and put that in the context of other new comers to the sport that you've seen throughout your career?

Frank Williams:
I'm happy to repeat what I said in my private opinion. I've never seen anyone arrive and be so successful, so quickly. That is to say from his first race. It is quite remarkable. I am looking hard to find fault with him and he is very nice, which is quite unusual, too.

Q: (Simon Lewis)
But in terms of other drivers that you've seen, who does he remind you of?


Q: (Dan Knutson)
Frank, you have made quite a few personnel changes at the senior staff engineering level and within the department, bringing in new people. Do you think now that that is pretty much all set how you want it?

Do you mean should I offer you a job as well?

Q: (Dan Knutson)
No, I'm worthless at that stuff.

All right. I wouldn't tell you what we're going to do or not going to do but we have a very good line-up right now, thank you.

Q: (Dan Knutson)
Are you worried that post 2008 you might have factory teams with a B team and that might not fit into your business plan?

Well, I've clearly been uncomfortable about customer teams but essentially if the money isn't affected, we'll mind our own business and everybody will mind their own business, so life will go on quite sensibly.



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