Team principals: Flavio Briatore (Renault), John Howett (Toyota), Colin Kolles (Spyker), Jean Todt (Ferrari)

Questions from the floor:

Q: (Gaetane Morin - Le Journal du Dimanche)
A question to Flavio, Jean and John, as a constructor's representative, is it important for you to run in France? And, if yes, will you tell Bernie so that we can save the GP here next year?

John Howett:
I think as teams the first point is that we have to go and compete wherever the commercial rights holder decides we have to do it. Obviously, as a country, France is very important for Toyota. We have few plants here and therefore it is a country that we want to race in, but ultimately, the decision is that of the commercial rights holder. We hope that there will be a grand prix in France.

Jean Todt:
Formula One is a business, so it is not a question, but if you ask me personally I love the French Grand Prix and particularly because on Sunday it will be 14 years that I have been running Scuderia Ferrari and it has been a great time, but let us leave sentimental reasons behind. France is a very important country and economy. It is one of the leading countries in the European environment and it is important to have a grand prix in France. It is not up to me where it should be, but in answer to the question I hope that France will have a grand prix for the future and it is important as well for the Formula One calendar.

Flavio Briatore:
I think the same as Jean. France is one of the important counties in Europe, and for Renault it is important to have a race in France. Really, we don't care about the logistics, if it is in Magny-Cours or in Paris, but I am sure it is important for Renault and I think it is important I think for everybody because France, Italy, Germany, Spain and England are the five countries in Europe that are important for the history of Formula One. Maybe not in Magny-Cours, but I hope we hold a grand prix in France and maybe in a better location.

Q: (Tony Dodgins - Autosport)
For Jean, what is your gut feeling about what would be a good future venue for the French Grand Prix?

Definitely, if you are asking me, a dream grand prix would be in Paris. I mean, if you asked me about a grand prix in London, it would be amazing. But unfortunately, I don't think it is practical.

Along the Champs-Elysee, next to your house...

You have so many things - about the environment, all the historic places, however, where you cannot make noise and where there is not the proper asphalt and all that - so that is why definitely it has to be in a motor car stadium and, in France, you don't have so many of these or what you also call a racing circuit.

Q: (Andrea Cremonesi - La Gazzetta dello Sport)
For Mr Todt, about Nigel Stepney's situation, everyone knows he was not happy with his situation in the team after the end of last year, why did you keep him in active role in the team? And if his position was uncertain would it be a handicap to bringing back Ross Brawn because they were very linked together?

I am not going into speculation on the second part of the question. On the first part, it is true to say that there is a legal case going on and, as with every court case, I cannot allow myself to make any comment at the moment.

Q: (Paolo Ianieri - La Gazzetta dello Sport)
Mr Todt, on the evidence of today, it seems that Ferrari are back where they were at the beginning of the season. Is that also your impression?

No, as I said earlier, it is far too early to comment on how competitive we are in this race. I am convinced that as from the beginning of the championship we will be among the most competitive of the teams, and then it is step by step. We will see in qualifying and then the race... Today, we had some encouraging results that followed the results we had in Silverstone with a new development that had been added to the cars and I really hoped that we would be in a position to be able to fight for the first position. I mean it is crucial if we want still to pretend to have a chance for the championships. But overall Ferrari has been competitive since the beginning and we wished we had more success, but it is like with the wind tunnel, we did not work as well as our competitors and that is why they are in front. But saying that Ferrari is among the leading teams and has a group of people and great drivers and it is up to us to do our best for the next ten races.

Q: (Mike Doodson - Honorary)
Also for Jean, can you tell us how long the wind tunnel was out of action and what alternatives did you have to fall back on?

I repeat the information I gave earlier - two weeks - 14 days. And, we did not do any other alternative job in our wind tunnel because it was not working. Nothing.

Q: (Heinz Pr?ller - Kronen Zeitung)
Jean, after tomorrow's drive by Michael with Zidane, what are your next plans for the FXX? Will Schumi drive at other circuits as well for your medical foundation?

It is not only Michael tomorrow who will do a few laps with Zidane, in the FXX, but also Kimi will do a few laps with a 599 I think and Felipe on Sunday. And that is part of the ongoing programme for fund raising.

Q: (Andrea Cremonesi - La Gazzetta dello Sport)
Jean, when exactly did the problem happen with the wind tunnel? And will you be going to the launch of the Fiat 500 car and did you have experience when you were young of driving a car like this?

So, the wind tunnel was about two months ago, but if you want to be more precise later you can come to the motorhome and we give you the precise dates. And concerning the launch of the 500 in Torino, on Wednesday evening at ten o'clock. It is a big event, which is organised, and I am among the fortunate invited together with the drivers so we will all be there. For me the 500... when I was much younger I had a Fiat 500 and being much older now my dream will be to find a Fiat Abarth to keep at my home, but it is very difficult so if you have any ideas please let me know.

Q: (Gaetan Vigneron - RTBF TV)
A question for Flavio, knowing Fernando so well, what is your opinion and your analysis of his time with McLaren up to now?

It is not me you want to talk to about Fernando. You need to ask Ron Dennis. I am sure Ron knows everything. Ron is the kind of a guy who knows everything about everything. So you ask Ron.

Q: (Gaetane Morin - Le Journal du Dimanche)
Jean, because of your new motor home and McLaren's new one for Silverstone, I just want to know if outside of the track there is also a competition in building hospitalities?

The new motorhome you are talking about, I have been invited to visit it once and I think it was in Barcelona, and it looked beautiful and I understood it is to welcome the press, so you should tell me how you like it. For myself, I am still staying in the same one.

Q: (Alain Pernot - l'Equipe Magazine)
A question for Jean Todt and John Howett - what is your feeling about the new regulations for 2011?

At the moment, the only regulations we know for sure are '08, '09 and '10. Eleven, at the moment, is just part of proposals and ongoing discussions between FIA and the teams. It is always good to have a draft document and we are working very closely with out team colleagues and with the FIA but there is nothing yet decided about the 2011 rules.

I think roughly the same. It is purely a discussion document and we are waiting for a meeting to be held with the manufacturers' consultative committee to discuss openly the opinions and try to formulate the next level of conclusion from this preliminary proposal.



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