Drivers: Lewis Hamilton (McLaren Mercedes), Kimi Raikkonen (Ferrari) and Fernando Alonso (McLaren Mercedes).

Questions from the floor.

Q: (Ian Stafford - The Mail on Sunday).
Lewis, every week people keep asking you: 'Can you believe this?' And I'm sure you kind of get used to what's happened to you this season. But you are pole at your first British Grand Prix. Are you still pinching yourself that all this is happening to you?

Lewis Hamilton:
Yeah definitely. I don't believe I have got used to it. It has been eight races and they've all been fantastic. But it's still been very difficult experience to get used to. I think it is a good thing that it is always fresh, always new and always exciting for me and I hope that continues. It's been really tough. I hoped to come here and win pole position, it wasn't looking that good at one point in qualifying but it turned out quite good.

Q: (Mike Doodson - Auto Action).
Lewis you've said you like to make people happy. The last two British champions were Nigel Mansell in 1992 and Damon Hill in 1996. Can you remember being excited by them doing well at Silverstone or would you be supporting other people?

Back then Aryton Senna was around and he was always my hero. For sure I supported the British drivers and Nigel Mansell... I was only six at the time so I didn't really understand everything. When Damon won, I won my first British championship and I met him that year. To have been watching him all that year and see him do so well... obviously I got a big boost of confidence when I did meet him. But I was watching Aryton the whole time.

Q: (Sean McGreevy - Motoring and Leisure).
Congratulations Lewis.

Thank you.

Q: (Sean McGreevy - Motoring and Leisure).
There is obviously fantastic support for you this weekend. You've talked a lot about this but how are you dealing with going from relative anonymity to globally recognised sportsman and how does it feel to receive so many plaudits from people in F1? People like Sir Frank Williams who described you as superhuman.

Well, it's overwhelming to hear such good things from people like Sir Frank Williams and a lot of people in the Formula One world. Obviously I came here to do a solid job, there has been a lot of pressure on from day one and there has not been that many negative comments made so I have been able to keep all this positive energy and it's definitely comforting to hear such nice things. But having my world turned upside-down is... I'm very lucky I have very good balance and sense of awareness so even though it's turned upside-down I can still get on with my life. But it's been really tough obviously walking on the streets and people coming up to you. It is strange. Taken from my past experience when I used to go up to Formula One drivers I wanted to be slightly different. I wanted for people to be able to approach me and to try and give them as much time as possible. That's what some Formula One drivers didn't do when I was younger.

Q: (Ian Parkes - The Press Association).
Lewis, the feelings you are experiencing right now... How does it compare to your first win in Canada? And secondly you were disappointed with your start in France last week with Kimi behind you there. Are you confident that you are going to nail it tomorrow?

Yes, I feel confident. We have worked hard this weekend to improve our starts and I think being on the clean side definitely helps. And my feelings? It definitely feels... I think qualifying is always exciting. Even for you to watch but when you are in the car and you know you are on the last lap, the slightest mistake and you lose it... and you put it all together while you are sitting on a knife edge all the way round. You come round and you see that you did the time... it's a phenomenal feeling, it really is.

Q: (Ian Stafford - The Mail on Sunday).
Lewis, I just wanted to ask what were you saying when you were shouting into the radio to almost lose your voice? And what will you do if you win tomorrow celebration wise?

I wasn't shouting in the radio. I made sure it was switched off. I was just shouting to myself, you know, "Yes". But I did that in Canada too, the whole way round and it's a long, long lap when you are just sitting in top gear and cruising round.

Q: (Juha P??talo - Financial Times Germany).
Kimi, can you just describe what happened in the last corner exit? Why did you slip onto the grass?

Kimi Raikkonen:
I just ran wide on the exit and that's what happens, you lose time.

Q: (Carlos Miquel - Diario AS).
Fernando, you are only a human driver, but in this English party do you think it is possible to fight with your teammate until the end of the race?

Fernando Alonso:
A difficult question. We will see what happens tomorrow. Today I did not have an easy day in P3 but tomorrow I will try to win the race that is for sure.

Q: (Andrew Frankl - Forza).
Lewis we were talking about sponsors pulling you from pillar to post. Are you getting any rest? Are you getting any sleep?

That's definitely been one of the toughest challenges - trying to manage your time and maximise the time you have off. We haven't had much time off, at least I haven't. Obviously the marketing department work extremely hard to make sure we don't have too many days but especially here, coming after a race in Magny-Cours, we didn't get many days off and we were straight back into appearances and everything. So to be able to divide out your energy, and it's mostly mental energy that you are losing, to try not to empty that bottle that you need the whole weekend and keep everyone happy, keep a smile on and make sure you say the right things is really, really tough. It is probably one of the trickiest parts of the job.

Q: (Anne Giuntini - L'Equipe).
I just wanted to ask Kimi and Fernando if you will shout in the radio tomorrow if you win?

Probably not. (Laughter)

Probably not.

Q: (Ian Stafford - The Mail on Sunday).
Lewis, if you can just tell us what happens between now and when the green light comes on tomorrow. What are you going to get up to? Are you going to chill? Watch DVD's? What's the plan?

After this we have to go back and sit in our room and analyse the data and find out where I could have found more time. Always got to improve and try to anticipate how the car is going to be tomorrow. We can't make too many changes to the car, or any changes. But there are certain changes you can make to the GIF and traction control so we will go and analyse that and try to find some more time. For me this evening it is just about refilling the fuel tank, the energy tank. I'll just make sure I get back in, relax, spend some time with my family, chill with my brother, play some Playstation, whatever it is to take my mind and my focus off racing. Then I'll be back here tomorrow morning as fresh as can be.

Q: (Juha P??talo - Financial Times Germany).
Fernando on your fastest lap in Q2 I didn't see the white stripe on your tyres so I suppose you didn't have soft tyres. So how much confidence does that give you for tomorrow's race?

I think I was the opposite to the other drivers. I think I was using the soft in Q1 and the prime in Q2. For me it was very close for tyres in terms of timed laps so it was just a check for which tyres we use in Q3 and I'm not sure about which tyre was best for me. So I'm very confident because with both tyres I can do exactly as quick timed laps. I was quickest in P1 and quickest in P2 so for tomorrow's race, given that we have to use both sets of tyres at some point, I am very confident that in my case both tyres work exactly the same.



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