Drivers: Lewis Hamilton (McLaren-Mercedes), Nick Heidfeld (BMW Sauber), Christian Klien (Honda), Nico Rosberg (Williams), Ralf Schumacher (Toyota) and Adrian Sutil (Spyker).

Questions from the floor.

Q: (Andrea Cremonesi - La Gazzetta dello Sport).
A question for Lewis. Of course next week will be very important for the situation of McLaren in this championship. What is your feeling, knowing that everything you have worked for could be cancelled?

Lewis Hamilton:
I'm not really bothered about it to be honest. I don't think that is going to happen, so I'm not worried, I'm very confident. I'm confident in what the team has done over the years and I have every confidence in the team now. I don't believe anything like that would happen. On my part that is all I'm going to say. Otherwise you should speak to Fernando.

Q: (Erik Kirschbaum - Reuters).
Ralf, you have had a difficult and frustrating year so far. How do you feel about coming home now and would you call this your most frustrating year in Formula One?

Ralf Schumacher:
First of all it is good to be here, good to be back. I have hope that one of us [Germans] that we have here now can do something for the home fans who have come to see us. So far yes it has been a difficult year result-wise. But we have made some progress recently. We have made some progress with the car performance. It is only mid-season so there are a lot of races to go really. I'm quite sure that towards the end we will be slightly stronger as well.

Q: (Marco Degl'Innocenti - La Gazzetta dello Sport).
A question to you all. What do you expect from the FIA council on Thursday? Can you imagine a punishment for McLaren?

Nick Heidfeld:
I don't know really what to expect because I don't have enough information about it. I have read about it in the press but I focus on myself, on the job I do inside the team. Of course I will watch it and see what happens but I have no clue what will happen.

Ralf, your brother told us that you talked in Canada and after that he had a good feeling and he said you were on your way and you had some opportunities for next year. Can you tell us some news?

If you talked to him you should know! All I can say is that at the moment I concentrate on what I do. As soon as I have any news I'm sure you will be the first to know. At the moment there is nothing to say.

Q: (Carole Capitaine - L'Equipe).
Question for Lewis. At Silverstone you said you had a problem with the set-up on your car. What do you expect from this race?

I expect it to be better. We went down a certain route... You only have P1, P2, P3 and it's not a lot of time to find the perfect set-up. Sometimes you go down one route and its too late to go back to another one, you don't have enough time so you continue with that and hope it is good enough. We didn't have the right set-up for once at Silverstone. Going into this weekend we understand where we went wrong, we think we come here a bit stronger.

Q: (MC).
How good was the Spa test for you?

The Spa test went well for me, I had a nice clear day with no rain. I think everyone else had some rain over the next couple of days. It was a real boost of confidence for me. We got there and the car felt better than it has felt all season so I was very, very happy. We did the team briefing and I was just comfortable with my set-up. When you drive a car that you are comfortable with it is just a pleasure. So for once I enjoyed testing.

Q: (MC).
So would that have actually been a step forward in terms of set-up for future races?

Maybe for that track. But in terms of just making sure we have the right direction I think we have gone back to where we were before and we have to continue to make sure we improve in that area.



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