Questions from the floor:

Q: (Adrian Rodriguez Huber - Agencia EFE)
Fernando, winning here tomorrow would be a double victory for you, that would mean you are leading the championship. What are your impressions and what are your chances for tomorrow?

Fernando Alonso:
It is a bit early to say. Tomorrow the race is very long and you never know what is going to happen. We have 70 laps in front of us with many possibilities of strategies, especially with this option tyre that is a little bit of a problem for everybody. When you use the tyre etc. will change the result of the race, so it is very early to say. I will do my best. For sure the championship is the main goal but not tomorrow afternoon. Brazil will be the important race to be leading there. Tomorrow I will do my best and try to finish with the maximum points possible. Consistency would be the best thing to do between here and the last race.

Q: (Anne Giuntini - l'Equipe)
To Fernando, don't you feel that tomorrow there might be another blanket blocked when you pit stop?

I hope not but we will see tomorrow.

Q: (Tony Dodgins - Autosport)
Lewis, you say you weren't frustrated there but notoriously here the even grid slots are slower away. Nick's car makes some pretty ballistic starts, so it is not unfair to say that could cost you a shot at the race.

Lewis Hamilton:
I think that is not a good way to look at it. Obviously, on the inside, it is the dirty side of the grid. It is probably better to be first or third, so yes, they do have an advantage on that side but you know I will try to lay some rubber and clean that spot and just do the best job I can. As I said it is a long haul down to the first corner and we'll see what happens at the first corner, so...

Q: (Ian Parkes - The Press Association)
Lewis, while you were waiting was there anything said to you on the team radio and if not was anything said to you since you came up here?

Nothing was said to me on the radio. I was obviously told on the way in that Fernando was doing his stop and I should obviously back off, so I don't end up having to queue and so I did. So I probably saved quite a bit of time coming round the last corner and going into the pits and for some reason he was just held there.

Q: (Bob McKenzie - The Daily Express)
Actually that is what I was going to ask. Can you tell us, Fernando, why you did sit in the pits for so long? What was it?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Er, it was for Fernando.

Oh, really? Sorry.

Yeah, as I said before I think you can ask the team this question. You know I am always monitoring the pit stop by the radio and they do the calculations. They find the gaps and I just drive the car.

Q: (Bob McKenzie)
Were you ready to go?

I am always ready to go. As soon as they put on the tyres I go where I have to go.

Q: (Adrian Rodriguez Huber)
Fernando, yesterday you said you didn't care if it was raining or if it's dry. Right now starting from pole would you rather have a dry race or don't you care?

Same thing as yesterday I guess. Starting from pole is always better than starting at the back but if it rains it will be ok and if it is dry it will be ok as well. I think we are competitive in dry conditions at this circuit and we are competitive in wet conditions regarding the experience we had this year in wet conditions and regarding this race as well. I think we have a big chance to win this race in wet conditions, so it is not a big factor at the moment.

Q: (Ralf Bach - R&B)
Fernando, did Ron congratulate you on your pole position?


Q: (Anne Giuntini)
Fernando, we thought you had maybe a cramp because Ron went directly to your physio after qualifying. You didn't have a cramp or something?


Q: (Ian Parkes)
Lewis, after the Monaco Grand Prix you famously said you had a number two car and you were a number two driver. Do you feel that this is another instance of that?

As I said, I really don't understand why I was held back, so I guess you should ask the team and I definitely will do when I go back and do the debrief. So I can't really comment on that. I think the team have been extremely fair since Monaco, so I can't really put that on them. They work extremely hard and I've got so much belief in the team that I wouldn't believe they would do that.

Q: (Carlos Miquel - Diario AS)
We have a question for Fernando. With the blanket, the extra lap goes to Hamilton, no?

No, I think there was no time to do an extra fuel burning lap for both drivers, so you know when I had my first pit stop I knew already that it was not possible. So we pitted one lap earlier to strip the first set of tyres. So at that point to have the blanket problem and lose another ten seconds or any more was not really an important thing for the extra lap, we cancelled it already.

Q: (Michael Schmidt - Auto Motor und Sport)
Fernando, at the first stop before the blanket problems started you seemed to wait very long and have a discussion with the pit wall. What happened there?

No, we changed the front wing, because I had a little bit too much understeer in my car in the burning fuel lap. So we tried to adjust the car and as I said because we started at the front of the grid at the end of the pit lane. We were doing not the extra fuel burning lap, so I had the extra 45 seconds in the pit stop waiting.

Q: (Andrew Frankl - Forza)
Two weeks ago at the N?rburgring it was amateur theatrics at the tyre change, today they couldn't get the tyre warmer off. Is all the political pressure getting to the team members do you think? Because it really looks like Formula Three or Formula Ford.

No, I don't think you should really be so hard on the team. They do what they are told and I think that is an important thing. They do what they are told. I doubt very much that there was a problem with the tyre blanket because it is quite easy to pull off. The team, as I have said, always do a fantastic job, my group of guys do a great job and during the races they just put so much work in. I don't think people really give them the amount of respect and appreciation they deserve.

Q: (Simon Arron - Motorsport News)
Lewis, we have had four weeks of Stepney-Gate and we have now had half an hour of pit-lane-gate. How do you blank out all the political machinations and focus on the main job?

I guess that is a skill that I have developed over the years. It's what I said from day one, I enjoy it, I love the job. This is something that I've always wanted to do and I still enjoy it. I get in the car and I always have a smile on my face. It is easy for me to overcome any problems I have in the team or outside of the car and get in and do my job the best way I can.

Q: (Peter Windsor - Speed TV)
Lewis, a few minutes ago you said "I don't know why the team held me up, you need to ask them." But in fact Fernando said the team held him up. Was that a Freudian slip or do you think that the team actually held you up?

No, as Fernando said, he was told to stop and wait. His wheels were on, his blankets were off and he was told to wait. I imagine that I probably lost half-a-minute I would say from my in-lap coming in to waiting behind Fernando. At least 30 seconds, so it definitely needs a good explanation.

Q: (Peter Windsor - Speed TV)
Fernando, has that ever happened before where the team has held you up to get a gap?

Every qualifying. We stop and we wait, sometimes ten seconds, sometimes five, sometimes 45, as with the first stop today.

Q: (Ed Gorman - The Times)
Lewis, would you say you are more angry about this than you were about what happened in Monaco?

As I said you can see I'm not angry. I'm curious to know what has gone on and I find it quite interesting and amusing. But the good thing is that we had the pace. We did a great job we have got a great car. I was very, very comfortable and I am very comfortable with my strategy for tomorrow, so I am not really mad to be honest.



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