Drivers: Kimi Raikkonen (Ferrari), Felipe Massa (Ferrari) and Fernando Alonso (McLaren-Mecedes).

Questions from the floor.

Q: (Fr?d?ric Ferret - L'Equipe).
Question to Fernando. One point... Is it a good result or is it not enough?

Fernando Alonso:
I am happy with the result for sure. We have been third and fourth position and in the championship these days it is only one point difference, so it doesn't change anything for the last three races. I think the championship is very open as it was last Thursday before we came here, you know. Before I was three points behind, now I am two points, so nothing changes. What I need to do is finish the best position possible and if I win the last three races it will be enough. Even if I was four points behind, or two, or three, what I need is to win and hopefully next time I will have the chance.

Q: (Heikki Kulta - Turun Sanomat).
Kimi, how big was the temptation to try for the fastest lap again?

Kimi Raikkonen:
I didn't want to risk anything. The car was very good but unfortunately you don't get any points for that. Sometimes you might do it for fun but I didn't have any temptations really on this one.

Q: (Claude Yvens - Radio Contact).
Fernando, you were the fastest driver, if I am not mistaken, on the second part of the circuit, whereas Felipe Massa was the fastest in the first and third parts. So what explains the difference in lap times between you and Ferraris in terms of setup?

I think this weekend we ran a little bit more downforce than them, more wind. So we were quicker in the middle sector, all the corners are there. They ran a little bit less downforce, so they were very quick on the straights in sector one and sector three. We tried different numbers in the test here back in July and for us the best compromise was what we had on the car. With less downforce we were quicker on sector one and sector three but we lost too much in the middle sector, so I think we matched our possibilities and we have to be happy.

Q: (Dan Knutson - National Speed Sport News).
Kimi, we saw you do a bit of a donut spin there coming back into the pits. What happened?

I lost it.(laughter)

No, I have always wanted to do one and here it is much easier so... And it was the second race engine, so it doesn't really matter if you make life harder for it.

Q: (Fr?d?ric Ferret - L'Equipe)
Fernando, in the three races remaining what are the best circuits for the McLaren?

Very, very difficult question as we surprise ourselves every race, so it is not anymore an easy prediction for what is going to happen. But maybe Japan can be good for us, but China and Brazil not so good.

Q: (Livio Oricchio - O Estado de Sao Paulo).
Question for Massa. At the end of the race you attacked Kimi and reduced a lot the gap, in your mind was it possible to overtake him?

Felipe Massa:
No, no it was not possible.

Q: (Ottavio Daviddi - Tuttosport).
Felipe, do you think that in the last three races you will be free to win or must you help Kimi to try to win the championship?

I think I will be free to win.

Q: (Niki Takeda - Formula PA).
Felipe, could you use a little bit less drag setup than Kimi today? Were there any options?


As in less downforce.

We were already quite low, so that was too risky. We saw that McLaren was very strong on sector two, so going with less than what we had was a little bit too risky.

Q: (Carlos Miquel - Diario AS).
Fernando, do you think the fight between Kimi and Felipe could help you for the championship?


Because if Kimi wins every race then Kimi at the end could be a very hard driver.

I don't know. For sure if Kimi wins all three races for the championship I need, and also Lewis needs to be second or third, otherwise we will lose too many points. For sure the championship is very open. Felipe is in the same position and still has possibilities to win, so I think we need to be very careful to finish all three races because if you have a DNF in one of them you say bye, bye to the title. So I am happy to pass these last two races, Monza and Spa, because they are the hardest two races for the engine and those are gone, so I am happy to finish and I will be happy to finish the remaining three. The positions are up to us to win.

Q: (Juha P??talo - Financial Times Germany).
Kimi, you already talked about we are a long way into the title but does it give you any boost winning here?

I think so, it doesn't matter if you win here or any other race. It helps me in the points and it helps me in the championship, so for sure it is much nicer to win than to finish third or fourth, or fifth, or second. I would rather win and have a better chance for the championship. That is what matters really.



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