Are there any other options aside from F2?

JA: We haven’t really spoken about too much. There’s always a small chance, a voice in my head saying I’d like to be in an F1 seat but I think that’s more the child in me wanting to have to go. F2 is the most likely option at the moment but I don’t know, I’m leaving it to Renault.

You mentioned the current driver market situation in F1, is that something you keep abreast of to see how that affect you and your own future?

JA: It’s very hard to predict. I can’t really predict my own future in F1 more than anyone else just because, as we’ve seen this year and in previous seasons it often depends on one guy who’s setting off a domino effect. For sure I keep abreast of it, more just because I do anyway and it’s interesting. But to try and control on it or act upon it, it’s very difficult.

You are part of a growing list of young British drivers coming through with George Russell and Lando Norris. How are you seeing that battle shaping out and do you feel slightly overshadowed by the hype around them?

JA: I’ve raced some of the guys for a while now and I’ve never really taken much notice about that side of things. It’s fair to say most of us don’t. Obviously it’s got a lot of attention this year, more so than previous years, for whatever reason. I think I always tend to focus on race by race and the next session. It’s doesn’t bother me that much at the end of the day.

Talking about your aims to get into F1, how vital has Renault’s support been to you?

JA: It really is. Without Renault it’s simple, I wouldn’t be here. I think that’s the case for a lot of drivers. It’s no secret that it takes a lot of investment to compete in these series and it’s not something I can do by myself. We have some sponsors but again it’s a very difficult environment to do that. It’s not only that side of it, it’s the opportunities I’m learning from that they give me. So to be able to be inside a team like that it’s very valuable.

Given the team’s ambitions to re-establish themselves at the top of F1’s pecking order and challenge for championships, do you feel you are at Renault at the right time?

JA: Yep. When I joined Renault it was with the view of, I thought they were the best option in terms of a long term future and they expressed a similar desire. I think it’s quite clear what their intentions are and they are going to get there one way or another, it’s just a question of when. You can see that by the drivers that are lining up to try and get seats here. I think everyone knows that it’s a pretty good place to be.

Do you see competition between yourself and Artem Markelov for a future F1 seat with Renault?

JA: Artem is in a slightly different position to me in a lot of senses because he’s quite experienced, it’s his fifth year in F2 and he’s been around for a while. He’s got a slightly different role in Renault for a few reasons and I don’t see… of course everyone is a competitor in some form or another and he’s a competitor on track in F2 but here in Renault I think about my own thing and I don’t really think about Artem.

Is there added pressure on you given the prospect of driving for this team?

JA: No. For me pressure is something we’ve always had and always dealt with. One year it’s the pressure to perform because you might get on a Renault programme and then it’s your first year so you have to perform to impress them and then you have to perform to keep on the programme. It never ends, there is always pressure for one reason or another so you get used to it.

So that gives you added motivation then to impress when you do get the chance like in the Barcelona F1 test?

JA: Yeah for sure. Especially when you get the chance to step up like that, it’s always exciting as a driver because you get to play in the new car and they are always fun days.

Is there any chance you could do an FP1 outing this year?

JA: I don’t really know. Again that’s more for them to decide and tell me if that’s appropriate. At the moment nothing is planned but I’ll cross my fingers and just wait and see. Nothing is completely off the cards and like I say they will judge it as they see it. They are not going to say absolutely not for the rest of the year but likewise it’s not set in stone that I will.



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