9. Sergey Sirotkin, Williams – 16.67 percent

Lance Stroll: 6 points
Sergey Sirotkin: 1 point

Sergey Sirotkin’s rookie season in F1 was a baptism of fire as he languished at the back of the field with Williams’ troublesome FW41 car, arguably the worst the team has ever produced.

Sirotkin never took the chequered flag in the top 10, scoring his sole point at Monza only after Haas driver Romain Grosjean had been disqualified. Teammate Lance Stroll only made the top 10 twice, finishing eighth in Baku and ninth at Monza, but it was enough to mean he scored six of Williams’ seven points for 2018.

Sirotkin is now without a seat for next year after Williams opted to partner Robert Kubica with Formula 2 champion George Russell.



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