Firstly, what was the main reason behind the switch from Caterham?

I was with Caterham over three years. There are great memories and I have many fantastic relationships from my time at Caterham that still exist. There are some extremely talented people at Caterham. Through up and downs we accomplished a lot in F1. I'm proud of my time there, but it was time to move on. Throughout the ups and downs I learned so much that will carry my F1 career forward. I'm thankful for this experience and without Tony and Din none of it would have been possible.

Obviously the new owners have their own plans, but Tony Fernandes was instrumental in bringing you through initially?

Tony and Din were indeed why I landed at Team Lotus [former name of Caterham]. With their exit mine seemed appropriate and the right thing for my career moving forward.

You've been with the team for a number of years, what do you feel you have learned during your time there that you can take to Marussia?

I've driven every car Caterham F1 Team has created since it's involvement in Formula 1 in 2010. I feel very confident in current F1 machinery combined with my intensive involvement with testing and simulator work; plus every aspect of team life. I've traveled extensively for two years with the F1 team. I understand the what it takes to be prepared as an F1 driver on and off track and I'm looking forward to bringing this knowledge to my new team. By being so integrally involved within a startup team like Caterham, I will be able to go straight to work with Marussia F1 Team to help maximize their potential for the remainder of this season and beyond.

How excited are you by the fresh start at Marussia?

It's always exciting to turn the page and start a new chapter in the journey. I just want to get straight down to business and get on with it. We have lots of work to do and big goals to accomplish.

What was the most attractive aspect of the team?

The management welcomed me right away and I felt right at home. Sometimes in life you just know when things are right and good things happen.

Will we still be seeing you in FP1 in Austin, and maybe before then?

My plan is to drive in several FP1 sessions before the end of the season, with venues to be announced in the near future and Austin is paramount.

Is the move with a view to a race seat with Marussia next season?

Ultimately my goal is to have a full time Formula 1 seat, that's always been pretty clear. So racing full time is certainly the target I'm working towards.

You're the only American who has been driving modern F1 machinery in recent years; how tough is it to break in to the sport from that side of the Atlantic?

It's pretty tough for a number of reasons; number one the distance makes a difference. I moved to Europe when I was quite young specifically to compete in various different feeder series but not all Americans have that opportunity, or determination to see it through! Secondly there are many championships in America that you can compete in - Indycar, NASCAR etc. so I think you have to be really hungry to reach Formula 1 to make the leap to Europe which is where the best feeder series to Formula 1 are. I'm lucky that I have a great support network around me, and that I'm pretty single minded when it comes to success and where I want to be.

Are you excited by the future arrival of Haas in the sport in 2016?

I am thrilled for Haas. His passion and commitment to enter F1 and bring Americans closer to the sport deserves serious respect. America is growing every year and the amount of support I receive personally is phenomenal. Americans love to have an athlete to get behind and I think having a team in the sport, particularly with someone as well known and successful as Gene would be fantastic. We've obviously spoken with Haas and the final step is to have an American driver in F1 that fans can support. If the opportunity comes my way and timing is right, I know I'll be prepared and could do a good job for them.

Do you feel as confident as ever that you'll be racing in F1 in the next year or two?

I'm confident, prepared and very ready.


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