It's been a very tough week for everybody and you were very well-spoken on Thursday about approaching this weekend; do you feel it's been better to get back in the car and try to focus on the day job these last few days?

Yeah it's been easier to drive and put the focus on something else. It's been good I'm sure for all of us.

Have all the drivers been discussing ways to move forward or do you wait for a full investigation to be done from the FIA and to come to you?

There are discussions going on, obviously nothing that will bring back a normal situation for Jules but these kinds of incidents should not happen. Everyone is working hard to try and make things better.

Did you take time to question racing this weekend? Did it every seriously cross your mind not to?

Not really, but the lack of motivation ... wondering why will you fight for the last tenth in qualifying? Or why will you try to brake five metres later to try and overtake one guy while your friend is in hospital between life and death? The only answer I found to that was: don't do the race for yourself, don't do the race for the team, just do it for him. In that way you find the motivation.

Do those questions disappear when you put the helmet back on and get out there?

Yeah definitely. Definitely. I mean I am more motivated than ever to show good results and strong performance.

Obviously your future is up in the air at this stage; does it make you question racing at all in the future?

No, not really. Unfortunately things happen, but racing is my passion. It's what I've done all my life and that is what I'll keep doing because I don't consider anything else.

If we can go back before Sunday's events and look at Saturday, which was obviously a tough day personally. How did the events unfold there with Sebastian leaving Red Bull?

To be fair it was the toughest weekend I ever had. Missing P1; P2 making only one session because I had two engine issues; P3 doing only three laps because again I had an engine issue and we needed to change it for quali; quali going in with a car with a set-up where I had no idea how it was, it was not my set-up and still being able to put in a good lap time and finish 11th ahead of my team-mate was good; and then the grid penalty, starting last and finishing in the points was again an amazing result.

I was obviously not really happy with how the weekend went but really happy with what I have been able to pull out in such circumstances.

Did Red Bull speak to you when making the decision of who would replace Sebastian at that time? Were you aware of it at all? Because it seemed to happen very quickly on Friday night...

No, I was not aware. It just happened.

Have you spoken to the team at all? Have Toro Rosso come to you? Obviously there's a seat available here now and a very inexperienced driver in one of the cars.

This situation is difficult for the team. I don't know what will happen, if they will take another young driver or not. Obviously the decision is not up to me and all I can do is keep showing strong results. Everybody knows I should have had a lot more points without the technical issues. I hope that at least Red Bull can give me another chance because I think with all the bad luck that I've had, all the problems, I would deserve that. I'm doing everything to deserve it.

Do you feel the door is still open though?

Well, thanks to Red Bull I'm here. I'm still a Red Bull driver, I'm part of this family more than ever. Without Red Bull I would not even be in this F1 paddock. So it doesn't matter the decision they take, I will always be grateful to them. I don't know what the decision will be, but there's nothing more I can say really.

Is this the best option you feel, or are there other options in F1 elsewhere on the grid?

I don't know at the moment. It's all a bit crazy in F1 right now, so it's best to keep working with your feet on the ground and come back with something good.

Obviously the best way to do that is through your performances; do you feel like you're driving better than ever? Your last two results have been especially impressive...

Yeah I think so. I've always been driving this way and unfortunately the technical issues that I have mean I could not show what I have shown recently.

Singapore could be seen as probably your best performance from the outside...

Yes, but people forget that I was running fifth in Monaco and should have finished fifth without problems. That's a little bit unfortunate that in this world people forget really quickly and tend to only look at results. Obviously when you don't finish the races, nobody remembers why or where you were at that point. Sometimes it's important to remind people by finishing a strong race like I did in Singapore.

You have had strong results, but because your future is now in question, do you feel like you're trying to prove anything over the next few races?

I think I've proved enough. I will keep doing my best but I wouldn't be here if I had to prove things. Do you see what I mean? Look at Daniel, we were the same. He's been there [at Red Bull] because he was better in quali and probably stronger mentally but that's something I improved massively this year and if I was not stronger mentally then all the last races I probably would never have done it the way I did.

How do you go about improving mental strength? Do you learn from other drivers or speak to certain people?

I don't know, it's been a tough winter. You always have to question yourself and try to learn from things that you think was good for you but actually was probably not. Being critical of yourself is important sometimes; not during the season because you need to be confident but during the winter it's always a good time to look at yourself in the mirror and say 'This, this and this I need to improve'. That's how it is.

If it was to be that this winter is another tough one and you don't get an F1 drive for next year, where do you see yourself going?

I don't really know. I definitely would like to go somewhere where I would win.

Is that a problem with F1 that you fight so hard for a seat but you've only got a select few that can win?

In F1 there is two kinds of driver. There are the drivers that race for winning one day, everybody knows that when you are not in the Mercedes team right now then you cannot really win. There is the kind of driver that wants to race in F1 just for the sake of being an F1 driver, and some of them that wants to be in F1 to move forward and win races one day.

Are you confident that you'll be here next year?

Yeah. I mean here [Toro Rosso] I don't know, but here in F1 yeah.


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