2018 Brazilian GP Live

11 November, 2018 - 19:05
11 November, 2018 - 19:02
11 November, 2018 - 18:54
11 November, 2018 - 18:49

Hamilton: "This is what everyone wakes up and goes to work for. We made a fantastic start but they made a mistake so it gave us a chance.

"I saw it happen. I wasn't surprised it happened as they were racing. Max is a go and get it guy but sometimes it bites you."

11 November, 2018 - 18:47
11 November, 2018 - 18:47

Verstappen: “I don’t know what to say, I should have won today.”

11 November, 2018 - 18:45

Race results top 10: Ham, Ver, Rai, Ric, Bot, Vet, Lec, Gro, Mag, Per

11 November, 2018 - 18:42

It wasn't to be for Verstappen who just can't catch Hamilton before the chequered flag. All focus will surely turn to Ocon's clash with the Red Bull driver which effectively wrecked his race.

11 November, 2018 - 18:41

Lewis Hamilton wins from Max Verstappen and Kimi Raikkonen holds on for third place!

11 November, 2018 - 18:40

But it is looking good for those both in front as they keep position...

11 November, 2018 - 18:40

FINAL LAP: Hamilton leads by 1.6s from Verstappen, Raikkonen holds third by 0.5s from Ricciardo.

11 November, 2018 - 18:39

2 laps to go and it's all up for grabs between the front four! Breathless action.

11 November, 2018 - 18:38

Ricciardo is within DRS range of Raikkonen in the fight for the final podium spot

11 November, 2018 - 18:36

Those back-markers, perhaps ironically, could save Hamilton from Verstappen's late-race charge. The Dutch driver will be fuming if he doesn't win this race.

11 November, 2018 - 18:35

Hamilton leads by 1.9s with just four laps to go! This is going to be a grand stand finish.

11 November, 2018 - 18:33

Verstappen is now within two seconds of Hamilton as the Mercedes driver as he works his way through the traffic with just six seconds covering the top four. 

11 November, 2018 - 18:31

"Quite a lot of understeer," reports Hamilton. The gap is now 2.5s.

11 November, 2018 - 18:30

Verstappen has got the gap down to under three seconds now with less than 10 laps to go. Can Hamilton hold on or will Verstappen fight back? 

11 November, 2018 - 18:28

Verstappen - with a damaged Red Bull - is getting ever closer to Hamilton. The gap is now down to three seconds. 

Bottas has been struggling and pits to cover off the threat of the charging Vettel. He's back out just 1.5s clear of the German in fifth. 

11 November, 2018 - 18:26

Ricciardo has now passed Bottas with a trademark late lunge into Turn 1! He's up to fourth.