2019 Monaco Grand Prix Live

26 May, 2019 - 16:10

That's a wrap on our live coverage of the Monaco Grand Prix, but keep it here on Crash.net for all the best news and reaction to that thrilling race. 

26 May, 2019 - 16:06

And here is our report from a tense race...

26 May, 2019 - 16:02

Here are the full results from the Monaco GP...

26 May, 2019 - 16:00

What an intense and dramatic Monaco Grand Prix! But it is Hamilton who takes another victory to extend his championship lead. 

26 May, 2019 - 15:59

Sainz takes a strong sixth for McLaren, ahead of Toro Rosso pair headed by Kvyat and Albon, while Ricciardo and Grosjean complete the top ten!

26 May, 2019 - 15:58

Vettel will take second place ahead of Bottas with the time penalty to Verstappen applied. The Red Bull driver falls back to fourth, ahead of teammate Gasly in fifth. 

26 May, 2019 - 15:57

Hamilton crosses the line and WINS the Monaco Grand Prix! He just fends off Verstappen's attack to take his third victory in Monte Carlo. 

26 May, 2019 - 15:56

The stewards are looking into the incident involving Hamilton and Verstappen. 

26 May, 2019 - 15:55

Hamilton begins his final lap! 

26 May, 2019 - 15:54

CONTACT! Verstappen hits Hamilton under breaking into the chicane! Hamilton continues and now holds a 1.6s lead but does he have damage?

26 May, 2019 - 15:51

Verstappen is getting closer and closer to the back of Hamilton's Mercedes as the fight for the lead continues to intensify. 

26 May, 2019 - 15:48

Verstappen makes an error into the chicane and runs wide at the Swimming Pool, which gives Hamilton a tiny bit of breathing space this time around, at least. 

26 May, 2019 - 15:45

Verstappen has been given more engine power to use for the remainder of this race. 

26 May, 2019 - 15:44

10 laps to go!

26 May, 2019 - 15:43
26 May, 2019 - 15:40

Bottas pumps in a new fastest lap of the race to get back within five seconds of Verstappen. 

26 May, 2019 - 15:39

Verstappen continues to stick to the back of Hamilton's gearbox. Just 0.5s splitting them. Hamilton is doing a very good job here of being slow right down where he can, and driving out of corners at speed to open up enough of a gap to stay ahead.

26 May, 2019 - 15:36

Gasly pits again for Red Bull. Is he going for a fastest lap point? He remains fifth. 

26 May, 2019 - 15:35

Verstappen is closer to Hamilton than he has ever been, but he is unable to get close enough to try a pass for the lead, yet...

26 May, 2019 - 15:34