Formula 1 drivers have reacted angrily to news that the cost of their super licences will go up again this year.

According to reports by the BBC Sport, the Grand Prix Drivers' Association has asked its members not to sign their licences until the matter can be discussed with the FIA, the sports governing body.

The cost of a super licence - something every driver needs in order to be able to compete in the Formula 1 World Championship - has increased from ?9430 to ?9798 for 2009.

As well as that, the cost of per point scored by a driver has also gone up from ?1885 to ?1978, while an additional ?2564 is required for compulsory insurance.

The FIA maintains the increase is required because of the rise in the costs of safety measures.

The GPDA now wants the Formula One Teams' Association to look at the matter when it meets next month.



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