Dear Crash users,

Heading into a new year, they often say 'out with the old and in with the new'.

We've taken that onboard ourselves over the winter and this is the result - the new, updated version of

Before I go into the main changes to the site, let me welcome an important new addition following an exciting partnership launched with Motorsport Ads, the UK's leading motorsport classified website. This partnership will see the launch of Crash Classifieds, accessible via the menu at the top of the site, which will add another string to our bow.

This is the first part of a range of new sections and new content we will be launching over the next year to ensure that remains the world's biggest and best motorsport destination for fans and industry alike.

After initially being launched as a Business to Business F1 image library in 1996 - then known as F1PictureNet - the site has continued to grow and became the you now know in 2000 when it was re-launched.

The investment in new resources, including improved hardware and more editorial staff, enabled us to introduce more content and from that point onwards there has been no looking back - with site traffic growing at a rate of 20 per cent each year.

2008 was a huge success as traffic increased by 35 per cent, and while 2009 has only just started, traffic is already well ahead on the same period last year.

In order to continue this growth, we have invested in the future and the result is the site you now see before you - which we hope you will enjoy over the coming season.

Aside from the new look and feel to the site, we have worked hard to improve the 'behind the scenes' side of things that you don't get to see, which will help us to offer a range of new features as we move forwards.

Already, registered users can benefit from improved usage of our comments section, with comments and hot topics being featured on the homepage.

An improved interface to the site will also allow us to show more news on the homepage while we have introduced a new menu too, which is accessible via a dropdown by clicking the menu link at the top of the page. This new system means 'less menu, more content' for our users. The introduction of 'breadcrumbs' - the menu you see below the lead adverts - will also improve navigation around the site.

Your feedback on the new look will be greatly appreciated, so please feel free to e-mail as we'll take all feedback onboard, be it good, bad or indifferent.

Tell us what you think of the new version, how can it be improved further, any new content you'd like to see on the site, new sections, channels, functionality or anything else you feel will help maintain as the undisputed number one motorsport community on the web.

Thank you for your continued support, if you keep viewing, we'll keep improving!

Matt Salisbury
Editor -



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