Luca Marmorini was eased out of his role as Toyota's engine boss due to the raft of new regulations and policies that are sweeping the sport, John Howett has confirmed.

Former F1 team boss Giancarlo Minardi had suggested that ex-Ferrari man Marmorini had been frozen out of the team because Toyota did not 'leave much room' for him.

These claims have been confirmed by Toyota team president Howett who, in an interview with the official Formula 1 website, admitted that lack of engine development opportunities and Toyota's hesitance in developing a KERS system had left him 'frustrated'

"I think that he was frustrated on the one hand that there was really no opportunity for engine development, and also probably didn't agree with some of the strategic decisions -- probably our more conservative approach to KERS.

"In the end, I think he didn't really want to leave and we didn't want to lose him, but there was still a gap that led to that."

Marmorini's role has since been taken up by Kazuo Takeuchi, whose credits with Toyota in NASCAR and IRL make him an ideal replacement, according to Howett.

"Mr Takeuchi is 100 per cent a motor sport person, who has been involved in the original car programme, the IRL program and NASCAR, so he is an absolute racer."



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